Raising funds for the Suriname Culinary Team to Participate at the Taste of the Caribbean 2014

 On Tuesday, 14th, the Suriname Chefs Association organised the first Fundraising Dinner for 2014, prepared by the Suriname Culinary Team. This year the name for “tastings”, what they were known for last year, changed into Fundraising Dinner. The name was chosen because they are not exactly tastings. They are fundraising dinners; to […]

1st Suriname Chefs Association Fundraising Dinner Event

Come and let the Suriname Culinary Team spoil your taste buds. Continue to support them this year to their delegation!What do you get? * 1 cocktail * 1 surprise * a 3-course dinner Date: January, 14th, 2014 Location: Spice Quest Reception: 19:30h Dinner: 20:00h Price: US$ 50 / SRD 167.50 Book by […]

Starting the New Year with celebrating & food!

New Year’s Eve is all about celebration. Celebrating with family and friends, even celebrating with people you don’t even know. This year we celebrated with everyone! Suriname is known for the diversity in race, food and culture. But one thing we all have in common is the love for food! When […]