Bi-weekly column [in SHAPE fitness & more]: To change your body, youmust first change your mind

How many times have you decided to start working out, if it’s either in a gym, with friends or at home? But somehow you never seem to really get to that point? Maybe it’s time for you to seriously think about where the problem lays. It’s called MINDSHIFT.  Now, what does […]

2nd Fundraising Dinner Event

The best chefs, pastry chef and bartender of Suriname will prepare all for you! The SCA National Culinary Team 2015 presents the 2nd Fundraising Dinner Event Date: February, 24th, 2015 Location: Rumors, Hotel Krasnapolsky Dinner: 19:30h Tickets: US$ 50,- (daily exchange rate) * 1 cocktail, 1 surprise & a 3-course […]

Meet the Suriname Culinary Team 2015!

The Suriname Culinary Team 2015! Last April they competed and won to make it to the team. In the months after that, they supported the Suriname Culinary Team 2014 in their fundraising dinners and also showed some of their skills during the last Moksi Alesi Strey and De Surinaamsche Bank […]

DIY table top BBQ at Lee’s Korean Restaurant

Starting Monday 26th of January Lee’s Korean Restaurant proudly introduced a new concept: DIY table top BBQ.  They have 5 different marinated meat to choose from. Starting price is SRD 140 for two persons. We haven’t tried it out yet, but we will soon. If you’ve been there already, let […]

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