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Meet the Suriname Culinary Team 2015!

The Suriname Culinary Team 2015!

Last April they competed and won to make it to the team. In the months after that, they supported the Suriname Culinary Team 2014 in their fundraising dinners and also showed some of their skills during the last Moksi Alesi Strey and De Surinaamsche Bank 150th Anniversary celebration. But in case you missed them… no sweat… it’s time for the fundraising dinners again!

In short:

  • Why: To gain funds and experience for the Taste of the Caribbean Competition in Miami
  • Who: The Suriname Culinary Team 2015
  • When*: The first one starts at February, 2nd
  • Where*: The first one will be held at Spice Quest

*The date is already fixed, but the location will be a different one every time.
This is not only to promote different venues, let guests have a different setting every time, but also have a different cooking site for the chefs. It’s important for them to get used to different working environments, so that they’ll be prepared for whatever space they might get.

So… let’s meet the team!!!

Team Coach: Jethro Wirht

Employer: D-Chefs private catering

Current position: Food Consultant

Greatest culinary achievement:

  • Gold Medalist – Chef of the Year 2014 (Taste of the Caribbean)
  • His own cookbook




Bartender: David ‘Cheftender’ Deul

Employer: 22 Yards

Current position: Mixologist

Greatest culinary achievement:

  • Bartender of the Year 2014  (SCA National Competition)


Chef #1: Lorenzo Harper

Employer: Torarica

Current position: Senior Chef

Greatest culinary achievement:

  • Winner Moksi Alesi Strey 2013
  • Chef of the Year 2014  (SCA National Competition)




Chef #2: Benedict Cataggatan

Employer: Spice Quest

Current position: Chef

Greatest culinary achievement:

  • 1st runner up Chef of the Year 2014 (SCA National Competition)



Chef #3: Gilbert Wirjomoenawi

Employer: Paranam Country Club

Current position: Head Chef

Greatest culinary achievement:

  • Best Graduate of SHTTC Culinary 2013/2014
  • 2nd runner up Chef of the Year 2014 (SCA National Competition)



Junior Chef: Algeray Ravenberg

Employer: Hotel Krasnapolsky

Current position: Junior Chef

Greatest culinary achievement:

  • Bronze Medalist – Junior Chef of the Year 2014 (Taste of the Caribbean)




Pastry Chef: Xaviera Mijnhijmer

Employer: Hotel Krasnapolsky

Current position: Pastry Chef

Greatest culinary achievement:

  • Pastry Chef of the Year 2014 (SCA National Competition)




This team will be supported by Cindy Nuboer (Team Ambassador) and Damei Shen (Team Coordinator). This project is an initiative of the Suriname Chefs Association, who is giving their utmost to elevate the culinary standards in Suriname.

It’s a  team filled with enthusiastic culinary artists, who can’t wait to improve their skills and prove their worth at the Taste of the Caribbean competition. Like their Facebook page and receive the latest updates of their progress.

Want to show your support?

If you want to make a donation, it can be either financial or material, please contact:

Amy MacDonald

  • 597 8550077


Or you can support them by joining one of the fundraising dinners.

The dates are:

  1. Monday, February,  2nd
  2. Tuesday, February, 24th
  3. Monday, March, 9th
  4. Monday, March, 30th
  5. Monday, April, 13th
  6. Tuesday, April, 28th
  7. Monday, May, 11th
  8. Tuesday, May, 26th
  9. Tuesday, June, 9th

To make sure of a seat for one of those days, make reservations ahead.

Mail your name and phone number and how many seats you’d like to reserve to

See what they can do and experience their growth with every fundraising dinner towards the Taste of the Caribbean competition!


** All images contributed by Suriname Chefs Association**

***This is a repost from the blog: A Tasty Bit***

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