7 Days of Chefs – Menu Tasting

On Wednesday, March 22nd, the Courtyard by Marriott held the tasting of the menus of 7 days of Chefs! What is the 7 days of Chefs? The 7 Days of Chefs is a culinary concepts featuring 7 chefs from the team of Flavors Restaurant at the Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo. […]

Customer service and Communication

Customer service is a requirement if you work in the hospitality industry. Except for food, people go out for the atmosphere at a particular restaurant or terrace. In Suriname, however, often you will get the feeling that you are there for the pleasure of the staff if you eat rather […]

The origin of… Pom

Pom is a popular Surinamese-Jewish dish. What roti is to the Hindustani, pom is to the Creole. Pom is made from the root (tubers) of the Tayer plant, which grows in the interior of Suriname. Locals call it the pongtaya or pomtayer, named after the prepared dish, Pom. You can […]

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