On Friday, January, 23rd and Saturday, January, 24th, Puur had their Sushi weekend!

We visited the restaurant on Saturday, almost at the end. Stein was busy preparing the dishes for 3 different tables, with each no less that 4 guests.

Looking at this dish below you can see that it is a stunning looking plate. Your eyes are seriously spoiled when looking at it, just because of the clear and perfectly placed items on it.

Their are 3 different sushi’s:
  • Sushi with tuna and spring onions
  • Sushi with roasted shrimp and watercress
  • Sushi with avocado and tamarind marinated peppers (paprika) and goat cheese

You will also find these on the plate:
  • Marshmallows of ponzu 
  • Jelly wasabi
  • Sesame mayonnaise
  • Sauce of roasted peppers (paprika) with ginger
  • Lemongrass foam

The ones who love sushi, will know that this is not traditional Japanese. They would know the difference, but… do NOT judge this meal just by us saying it is not Japanese!

This dish has the upscale, fine dining extra that you would not find anywhere else than at Puur. They out do themselves every time. Good taste, even though we would have preferred the rice to be a bit more luscious, the shrimp was exquisite, the tuna was delicious; beautiful plating, they used several colors that gives this dish a fabulous look: green, red, creme, black and white – next to perfect contrast.

If you missed Sushi Weekend at Puur, you missed a lot! Stay on the look out for the next one… and don’t miss it. 

Ooh, they also have specials… ask them when you get in. 🙂

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