SUIT N.V. & Soeng Ngie present: The First Family & Friends Cookout!

Lots to do this weekend! If you haven’t made any plans yet for the weekend… Here’s also something you can do with your family and friends! SUIT N.V. & Soeng Ngie‘s First Family & Friends Cookout! What: SUIT N.V. & Soeng Ngie present: The First Family & Friends Cookout!When: March 2, 2014, 16:00-21:00 hrsWhere: SUIT N.V., Sha-Gi, Johan […]

Iron Burger Battle @ Bar Zuid

Sunday, March 2nd, the second round of the Ashruf Iron Burger Battle will be held at Bar Zuid on Van Sommelsdijckstraat. Five teams will compete for a place in the grand final to be held in December, after which the Ultimate Iron Burger Chef of Suriname will be known. The […]

Hotel Krasnapolsky organizes unique dinner with chef Ramon Beuk and SVH Master Chef Edwin Vinke

On March 12th and 13th, Hotel Krasnapolsky will have the Extravaganza Star Dinner. It introduces chef Ramon Beuk and SVH Master Chef Edwin Vinke from the restaurant Kromme Watergang in Hoofdplaat, the Netherlands, with its two Michelin stars for the best restaurants in the Netherlands. Besides the Krasnapolsky team, the Suriname Culinary Team, members of […]

Where to go and get some food in the weekend? – Puur –

“Puur” the Dutch word for Pure. This restaurant has an European touch to it. Former “Lekker” (delicious) has been sold and the new owner is also the owner of Baka Foto one of Suriname’s fine dining restaurants. We went to “Puur” and had their special of the weekend… Valentines special! […]

4th Suriname Chefs Association Fundraising Dinner Event

Come and let the Suriname Culinary Team spoil your taste buds.Continue to support them on their route to the Taste of the Caribbean in Miami! Picture taken by Damei Shen What do you get?* 1 cocktail * 1 surprise* a 3-course dinner Picture taken by Damei Shen Picture taken by Damei Shen Picture taken by Damei […]

Where to go and get some food in the weekend? – De Vliegende Hollander –

De Vliegende Hollander We’ve been trying to go to this fairly new restaurant, De Vliegende Hollander is its name. It opened its doors in September 2013, and is situated in the culinary, tourism and hospitality school of Suriname (SHTTC). Every weekend you think of where to go and what to eat… Sometimes you […]

K’saba Foodmix

On February, 1st, the K’saba Fair had a precursor that was called the K’saba Foodmix.First we would like you to know what K’saba Fair stands for. K’saba is the Sranan Tongo (Surinamese Tongue) for Cassava. As we have a lot of cassava in our country and everyone has different things […]

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