On February, 1st, the K’saba Fair had a precursor that was called the K’saba Foodmix.

First we would like you to know what K’saba Fair stands for. K’saba is the Sranan Tongo (Surinamese Tongue) for Cassava. As we have a lot of cassava in our country and everyone has different things they do with it, one organisation came with the idea to bring them all together: the STOCPA.

What is STOCPA?
STOCPA, shorten for the Steering Committee for Development of the Cassava sector, wills entrepreneurs whom are directly and indirectly related, to strengthening the industry in the district of Para. The joint development of the sector was chosen as a pilot in the district of Para, because a large number of Paramese are active in the cassava sector, either in growing and in the processing of the product; they have sufficient knowledge of the cassava plant; they are aware of the most common end products of (the) cassava (plant) and there is the potential for a broader marketing of cassava products both regionally and internationally.

K’saba Fair
K’saba Fair is an exhibition and market for various cassava products. It is a three-day activity in which attention is given to the cassava as an economic product. An attractive way it is part of an overall development to stimulate professional entrepreneurship in this sector.

Taste a variety of delicacies which cassava is the main ingredient. Freshly baked cassava jungle bread, taste the difference between the peprewatra (pepper water) of Matta and that of Powakka, cassava fries, BBQ – wild and roasted cassava or cassava dessert ice -cream.

All and all, the K’saba Fair has much to offer. Therefore, the organisation gave Paramese the opportunity to display their products in advance and interest the people in what they have to offer.

K’saba Foodmix
We went to the K’saba Foodmix. Tasted different things and loved all of them but one. We agreed that the cassava icec-ream was delicious in taste, but it had a little too much fiber in our opinion. Before tasting the ice-cream we thought it would be almost the samen as our known coconut ice-cream. We did like it, but we did not necessarily love it. Of course everyone has his own taste and opinion. So we do encourage you to try the ice cream yourself. Therefore you will know if you like it or not.


We had a little of the Cassava salad, – POM, – ice-cream. We bought the cassava jungle bread, in 4 different flavours, Garlic, Paprika, Cheese and Natural. Also the Peprewatra, with Pingo (bush pig) and Anjoemara (wolf fish). The food was delicious and good. If you missed this K’saba Foodmix, be sure to go to the K’saba Fair and get yourself some! It’s a must try… take it from us 🙂

Below are some pictures we took…

Affingi Soup


Cassava Jungle Bread

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