Do you think that the Suriname Culinary Team deserves to win a medal at the next competition?

Support our Team at Fundraising Dinners and do this as a contribution so that the team can participate in the Taste of the Caribbean (June,12 -15).

There are only 6 Fundraising Dinners left….

The next one is:
Location: Flavors Restaurant, Courtyard by Marriott
Date: March, 30, 2015
Dinner: 19:30u
Cost per person: US$ 50,-

*1 cocktail, 1 surprise & a 3-course dinner*

For Vouchers:
Call: Jill-Joy
08 78 08 85 of Cindy 08 56 06 69

***Ask for the GROUPDISCOUNT***

The SCA is an independent association that realized  the funds for the competition itself with the help of heartfelt sponsors.

This is one way you can contributed to the development of our gourmet level!


They have been the proud sponsor of all their meats since 2013!

Some of the sponsors for The Suriname Culinary Team

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