Every so often, Chefette comes out with what we can call a food special. This food special runs for a couple of weeks but let’s face it we are on to your game Chefette! We know that you have been rotating most of your specials.

However last year they introduced a very nice ribs special and most recently we had the pleasure of meeting the Chefette Chicken Poppers.

Before the launch of this special, when hype was being created about the poppers, I remember seeing a random post on Chefette’s Facebook page, asking who would win KFC’s popcorn chicken vs Chefette’s chicken poppers. I will definitely have to do the write up on that match up someday, since I suspect it will be more action than the recent World Boxing title fight.Sadly the Chicken Popper special is now over but this is my salute to all the fallen chicken who got popped.

The rules of the blog are simple, food will be judged on the day and ranked by overall taste (1-5 Forks) and willingness to buy again (1-5 Knives) with 5 being the best. Now on to today’s foodie adventure. Fork. Knife. Action.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Should I order the 16 poppers or get poppers in the meal? Hmmm if I am going to be reviewing, why not get a full meal which includes 8 poppers, 1 roll, 1 smoked barbeque sauce and a drink?

Not a bad meal, but I am here for those poppers.

Chefette boasts that the poppers are made of 100% skinless breast meat. Guess what? They deliver. I know Bajans aren’t always about chicken breast meat but these poppers retain a juiciness that great chicken should have.

What about the barbeque sauce you may ask? Well some people openly doubted the combination of the sauce and the poppers. I think those people should get to the back of the line. Chefette hit the nail on head with combination of poppers and the smoked barbeque sauce. Every dip only serves to enhance the poppers.

Lastly I will say the consistency of size and taste of the chicken poppers were well within acceptable limits.  This is something regularly overlooked but personally I am not paying for 3 big poppers and 6 tiny ones. I want to, no no no, I need to believe that the machine that is cutting the chicken into these parts wasn’t short circuiting and throwing out random cuts.

Forks & Knives?

  • 4 Forks – There’s just something about that juicy chicken breast meat and that sauce together. Sadly as much as I fought with myself between the 4 or 5 fork ranking. I just felt that the poppers alone were missing the flavour edge to give  the 5 fork ranking but damn it was close.
  • 4 Knives – Chefette really did hit it for 6 (did an excellent job) with this special. I really hope they add the chicken poppers to their rotation of food specials!

I don’t want to be known as a snitch, but yes Chefette you are guilty of popping the chicken and right to perfection. I really hope to taste these great chicken poppers again.

Until the next time Fork. Knife. Action.

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