Nishi’s Summer Menu

Forks, Knives, Action! Dear Foodies, I know it has been a while since I wrote a full review, but things have been a little crazy. If you were following my IG page (@thebajanfoodie) and Facebook page, you would have been getting some great food pics and event updates. Don’t worry […]

The Search of the Orange Gem

Hey all, I hope your food adventures have been going great in 2016. My food expeditions so far have been quite awesome. Last weekend saw me linking up with a cool Causal Dining group – “Dinner withG” at a hidden gem in Speightstown name The Orange street Grocer. The name […]

Who Popped the Chicken?

Every so often, Chefette comes out with what we can call a food special. This food special runs for a couple of weeks but let’s face it we are on to your game Chefette! We know that you have been rotating most of your specials. However last year they introduced […]

Fork. Knife. Action: The Pizza Sub

Fork. Knife. Action. Hey, all, I would like to thank everyone for liking the page/blog and for the encouragement for what I am trying to do. They have been a lot of questions and suggestions about the future of the page and my blog so I will do a small […]

Fork. Knife. Action. – The Mystery of the Cheesecake

I find it somewhat ironic that when I decide to write my first food blog a Mystery Cheesecake would appear. What are the chances? Well let’s get to it, the rules of my blog are simple, food will be judged on the day and ranked by overall taste (1-5 Forks) […]

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