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Dear Foodies,

I know it has been a while since I wrote a full review, but things have been a little crazy. If you were following my IG page (@thebajanfoodie) and Facebook page, you would have been getting some great food pics and event updates. Don’t worry full reviews will be coming more often and a BIG thank you to Victuals for their continued support.

On to the Review

Trying restaurants or dining out doesn’t always have to be expensive. Most restaurants have some type of special or event going on at some point. These specials or events can offer a reduction in price or more value for your money. Just keep your eyes and ears open for the advertisements.

Bajan Foodie Tip:  Check restaurants’ social media sites or call if you aren’t sure if there is a special or event being offered.

With that being said “Fork. Knife. Action!”.

Nishi’s Summer Special menu gives you a 3-course selection from either an Asian or English menu. The great thing about this special is that you have the option to mix and match across the two menus. Sadly the special is not offered on Fridays or Saturdays.

Dinner Night

Before heading out, I had a discussion with our friends over at Victuals, who recommended that I give warm sake a try. They know I am always willing to try their recommendations. Also doing some online research beforehand helps let you know what to expect and to make ordering easier for new things.  Here is some information on sake, that I found.

Overall I found that the warm sake provided a stronger taste, without losing too much of the flavor. I would try warm sake again, but I think chilled may still be my preference.

First course – Seafood Bisque

Last year, I sampled a taste of this Bisque, so it was already in my mind beforehand. Wow, this bisque did not hold back in flavor and the slight spiciness kick it has. It was the best way to start this dining experience. Please note, this may just be my must have when I come to Nishi again.

Second course – SUSHI!!!!

You guessed it Sushi! Whenever you mention good sushi restaurants in Barbados, Nishi is always in the top 3 of anyone’s selection. If someone doesn’t have Nishi in their top 3, then they haven’t eaten there yet.

The menu selection was tempting, but I wanted to throw caution to the wind and asked for the Chef’s Special of the Day… which turned out to be the Godzilla. Plus I can never just eat one roll of sushi, therefore I added the Crunch Roll from the main menu to the mix.

Quick admission, I only started to eat sushi in the last 3 years, therefore I am by no means an expert. However, over those 3 years, I have eaten at over 10 restaurants, locally and internationally, as well as from 4 pre-packaged sushi companies. This being said, I believe the selection of sushi, flavors, and presentation at Nishi, make it well deserved to be in the top 3 sushi restaurants in Barbados.

Both of my sushi selections provided what I expected, a mix of great flavors with the ingredients complimenting and not overpowering each other. I am especially glad in regards to the Godzilla since I have found that when introducing a deep-fried component that can take center stage.

Last course – Tangy Lemon Tart

For the last course, I decided to order off the English menu and go with the Lemon Tart. To be honest… I am a big fan of lemon tarts, but this selection was just okay compared to the other courses. Not saying that it wasn’t good. However, my taste buds expected greatness and I only got good. The two course before built my expectations too high I guess.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you give Nishi and their Special summer menu a try. Even if you aren’t a sushi person, the regular menu can provide a lot of food gems which still take you on that culinary journey, we all seek.

Forks, Knives, Action! And Napkins?

The rules of the review are simple, food will be judged on the day and ranked by overall taste (1-5 Forks) and willingness to buy again (1-5 Knives) with 5 being the best. The restaurant will also be ranked by Napkins (1-5) which rates the restaurant service, decor, and any unique situations.

  • 5 Forks: The food was on point and I wouldn’t change a thing. Honestly, I can’t blame the Lemon Tart for being just good among a menu with options which are so awesome.
  • 5 Knives: I will definitely be back. Summer menu or not,  Nishi may become one of my go-to for a nice foodie night out.
  • 4 Napkins: When it comes to a restaurant with a view, there are better locations. However, Nishi’s overall atmosphere and friendly staff make for a great night out. The plus for me was when the staff or owner checked in to see how my experience and meal was going. Any restaurant gets a distinction, whenever staff, manager or the owner is willing to check-in with tables and customers. This shows they treasure you as a customer and want to make your experience special. It may seem like a small thing but that is what great restaurants and service are about, the customer’s experience.

Until the next time Fork. Knife. Action.

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    1. That’s great. Try a restaurant first not the pre-packaged sushi as yet. Freshness can make difference for a new person.

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