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JJ’s foodie journey 2020

It has been a while since I’ve shared my foodie journeys! Each picture has a story, and I promise to try and share a little of each period they’ve been made.

So here’s the journey I’ve made during these pandemic months.

Beef in red wine sauce

So I think that if you’ve read most of my blogs, you would know by now that I really don’t cool that often. But when I do… I can prepare some deliciousness is a pot! Yum! For this meal, I made beef in red wine sauce with plain rice and soporopo (bitter melon). Scrumptiously yum!

Mom’s delicious Tofu dish

My mother is all into intermittent fasting and she creates little bites that are soooo good and absolutely tasteful. Fried tofu with her secret sauce on top!

Flan 🍮

When a friend drops a picture of her homemade flan, and you comment that you really wanted some but couldn’t find at the store anymore… she sends you a message back to come and pick up a piece. Oh boy… I thought she was going to give me one bite, but this piece was more than that…. and it was enough for the four of us at home.

Birthday food

For my son’s 12th birthday we decided, before curfew, to have a little party just to make sure he at least enjoys his day. By the looks of all the pictures below, you would not even think it was a pool party! But an eat party lol. anyway… Creamy pasta with shrimp or chicken, hamburgers with fries to go, and a Fortnite birthday cake. Yum we totally spoil our kid.

Grill plate

So the husby bought a new toy… the grill! Lol this is our first meal prepared by him on the grill. It was surely delish!!!


One thing I love about home made soup is that you can add meat with bone and bone marrow! I used to fight with my brother about this when we were young. Mom always cooked it with at least 4, but… the marrow is so soft it slips out and you need to find it in the soup. My brother was always the lucky one. And I usually ended with a sad face. 🥺

Ants 🐜 climbing on the tree 🌳

Yup! That’s the name of this dish. My mother was roaming the internet and stumbled upon the recipe. One day she prepared it for us, and it was an instant hit! And easy dish tho.. rice vermicelli, beef and pepper 🌶

Burger issues

It wouldn’t be my blog, if you wouldn’t see at least one burger in it. He hasn’t done it for awhile now, but my son used to come up to us at night and say: “I’ve got burger issues!” Meaning, he wanted a burger badly and we needed to make him one. 🙈

Grill 2

Our second meal on the grill is Picanha! Absolutely delicious 🤤 looking at the photos again makes me hungryyyy sigh. Doesn’t it look good?

Mother’s Day Meal by Tor

Snacking with the family

Asher’s birthday cake

More grilled steak…

And mashed potatoes 🥔


My creamy tagliatelle pasta with shrimp

Brown beans! Traditional Surinamese

Donuts 🍩

Duncan Donuts

Very very hot noodles

this was funny one 🤪. They said: 2x 🌶🌶 HOT noodle soup… and you wouldn’t be able t eat it… yeah, we ate it. Loved it! Nope, there wasn’t a challenge going on. 😉

A little coffee in bed moment

Wit bere shrimp

Mangos 🥭

An evening snack by Mylin

Simple: toast + cheese + sugar + microwave 🙈

Avocado 🥑 sandwich

Sushi 🍣 and wine 🍷 with the girls

Another pasta! But this time with help from the youngest

Tasty’s Caesar’s salad and pumpkin soup

Her’heri – another Surinamese traditional dish

More sushi!

Baking day!

The cousin was over… and she baked! Cheese bread and donuts

Gluten-free cookies!

Family is everything! And in this case… better than everything. She can bake delicious cookies too. Lol order at Renuka. Leave a comment and I’ll send you her number (Suriname only)


One of Brazilians dishes. Husby want me to try it, because according to him it was a must try and eat in Brazil 🇧🇷. So he cooked me some… yum it’s good and it’s a must eat for sure. 🤤

Lemon Chicken

Test kitchen! I tried something now… don’t ask the recipe, I forgot. 🙈

Pool “party”

Chilli con carne

My peanut soup: recipe here

Churrasco snack at Bob’s

When your home girl sends love…

Aunty’s amazing Pom

Another lockdown cooking

Peprewatra is my favorite!

K’heri made by Sarita!

Anniversary hangout at Tor

Another beautifully oven roasted chicken by the husby 🥰

I know it’s been a while, but I’ll try to post the monthly journeys starting January 2021

~ Jill-Joy

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