Quarantaine life… that what our days look like now. All we do is wake up, shower, eat, roam about, eat more, sleep, wake up, and eat some more! Gosh I hope we don’t end up triple our actual weight 🤪

Now on a more serious note, I haven’t really done the above the exact way I wrote it. My office is still open from 8 am to 12 pm during these wonderful times. So after that, it’s eaten, roam, eat more and sleep 🛏 lol. A lockdown from 8 pm till 6 am got us all the more bored.

Home cooking

Anyway… when I was home, during a self-quarantine of 14 days, I did cook one of the meals I haven’t done for a long while. Peanut 🥜 Soup! For those of you that haven’t heard of it, well we here in Suriname say it is one of our traditions and a not to miss in our food culture.

Making peanut soup is actually pretty easy… so I say. All you have to do is cook up all your ingredients together except the peanut butter. And as soon as the meat is soft you add the peanut butter and cook a little more. Easy!

Peanut Soup

Course: Soup
Cuisine: Surinamese


  • 400 gr Chicken
  • 100 gr Salted meat
  • 6-7 Allspice grains
  • 1 Onion
  • 2 jars peanut butter (350 grams each)
  • 1 Madame Jeanet pepper
  • 2 twigs Celery
  • Salt or Stock/Bouillon cubes (add to taste)


Peanut Soup

  • Wash and clean your chicken. Cut in to pieces, how you like it most. Please do not use chicken breast .Chopped the onion. And add it to the chicken. Add salt to taste.
  • Cook the salted meat in water until its is throughoutly cooked and has less salty taste to it.
  • Draw a stock of the chicken, the partially desalinated salt meat, celery, chopped onion, allspice grains in more than 3 liters of water.
  • After about 45 minutes, the stock is ready when the meat is also cooked. Put some broth in a bowl, add the peanut butter and mix well.
  • Add this mixture to the rest of the stock. Place the pepper on top and let the soup cook for another 15-20 minutes. Add salt or stock cubes to taste.
  • You can serve the soup with tomtom.

TomTom from bananas

  • Remove the peel from the bananas and put them in a pot with water on fire.
  • Add a little salt.
  • Green bananas are cooked in approx. 40 min. And ripe in 25 min.
  • Remove the bananas from the water and mash them.
  • Make small balls (approx. 4cm) and serve with the soup.
  • You also serve with white rice

The food is done, Bon Appetite!

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