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Lorenzo Harper is the chef of the year 2014
Lorenzo Harper became the chef of the year at the Suriname Chefs Association (SCA), National Culinary competition 2014. At second place was Benedicto Cataggatan and number three was Gilbert Wirjomoenawi. Pastry Chef of the Year was Xaviera Mijnhijmer, while David Deul became the Bartender of the Year. This group will represent Suriname at the Taste of the Caribbean in Miami in 2015 and 2016. It was no easy task for the jury, they had to pay careful attention to the details in terms of presentation and taste of the dishes to determine the winners.

The races was run smoothly. The participants had to register two hours before the competition on the field of Suit NV to make their preparations. At four o’clock they could start cooking. The nationwide power outage almost played spoilsport. But the participants who had counted on electricity as a tool to prepare their dishes with were able to come up with creative solutions. Most were finished with in in the competition time so they did not suffer from the darkness that quickly entered because there was no power in the early evening. Unfortunately, the organization could not perform the task for public to taste of the dishes that were in the competition, as other cases had priority by the power outage. Nevertheless, they could see the different creations on the presentation table .

According to Patrick Woei, president of the SCA, the activity is not only to select a new culinary team  but it was also meant for chefs the opportunity and competition experience. In addition to cooking good chefs must also be hygienic, work neatly and know how to present their dishes. At the end Arnold Fredrik, the leader of the activity, looks back. “In a few cosmetic defects after the event is well finished. The participants, judges and the organization have done their best to deliver the result. “

Except for a place in the culinary team, the winners also received a certificate, a gift certificate of the store “Aubergine” and a copy of the latest edition of Victuals Magazine. They may also visit todays the fundraising dinner of the current culinary team at the Hotel Krasnapolsky so they could already get an idea of what to expect in a few months. They must in any case submit to two years training and practicing as a team for their participation in the foreign competition.

Kevin Headley

Some impressions of the competition:

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