Who         :   Gilbert Wirjomoenawi
What       :   Chef
Where     :   Paranam Country Club (PCC)
Age           :   37
1.      Where did you learn how to cook?
I started at home. My parents had this small school canteen, and every day I was busy helping in the kitchen. I can still remember my first dish: baked egg in a tomatoes sauce.

2.      How many years have you been cooking?
I have been running the school canteen since 2000. In 2009 I start working for the Paranam Country Club as cook. In 2012 I started taking classes at SHTTC “cook level 2” with Michael Hermelijn as teacher. Since then I was cooking a little bit more professionally.
3.      With which ingredient do you prefer to work with?
Yellow curry (massala), love that exotic flavor and you can use it in a lot of dishes. Fresh herbs are also very nice to work with.
4.      What is your favorite dish to prepare and why?
If it comes to cooking I am ready to go, no matter what dish it is. Cooking is my passion.
5.      What is your favorite dish to eat?
Everything made with beef.
6.      What do you think of our Surinamese cuisine?
A lot of flavors, which I think we can use to create a Surinamese dish with international standards. We have to think out of the box.
7.      What could be better?
More local cooking network programs on our TV stations.
8.      Is there a platform for chefs needed?
Of course, so they can promote and bringing the Suriname chefs to a higher level and create more opportunity for the younger chefs in the future.
9.      Do you think the Surinamese cuisine is evolving?
Yes, but we must go to a higher level. Like I said before, think out of the box. Be more open minded and not afraid to experiment with all the delicious flavors that we have in Suriname.
10.  What direction should we go with the Surinamese cuisine/kitchen?
Use all the different Surinamese cuisine to make one ultimate Surinamese dish.

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