On Saturday evening Victuals’ art director and I went to the krasnapolsky star dinner. 

We will try not use many words to subscribe how good the food was and how splendid the evening went. But please keep in mind that when we start writing we can’t stop and that means that probably this will be a long blog with lots of pictures. 

Starting from the entrance… Walking on a red carpet… with of course at the end the Star photoshoot, everyone could make a picture to remember the evening by.

After entering the dining room you get seated on the table you were assigned to. 

Starting with two amuses:
1. Surinaamse worst

The description says it all. But we will translate for you to English. Do not be scared, just eat it! Blood pudding with bacon and apple is very popular dish in Holland. The Surinamese blood pudding is cooked with spicy bullion with lots of different spices. This blood pudding is transformed into a cream and crispy piece of bacon. Instead of using Apple we used caramelized mango and the fresh and spicy sour gives it a little Surinamese flavor to the classic Holland dish.

Not long after the second amuse arrived:
2. The Pombitterbal! 

This dish let’s of us think of Jethro’s Pom cake, but a little different. Bitterbal is one recipe that every Hollander knows. Miss Angelique took our POM and made it her own, another simple classic Holland dish/recipe transformed into a classic Surinamese/Holland dish. Superb! Beautifully done, crispy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside.

The menu & the wines

First course
Tuna tataki with Chinese five-spices, finely cut klaroen (veggie), avocado andrettich
Wine: Rose D’Anjou 

Second course

Cremeuse of cassava, fennel and warm smoked fish with orange shallots and spiced crumbs
Wine: Sottano Reservation Torontes

I could not eat this, as I am allergic to cassava, so the kitchen prepared a special dish for me, coconut soup instead!

Third course 
Slavink from Gamba’s (shrimp), moussaise from mudcrabs and citrus grass, dagoeblad (Surinamese veggie), creme from bataat with sour orange
Wine: LFE Family Selection Gran Reserva

Fourth course
Leg and breast of a tame duck, coffee beans crunch, pumpkin, a sauce from duck and duck liver
Wine: Baron Rothschild Reserva Caemenere

Fifth and last course
Nigiri sticky coconut rice sushi with pineapple, passion fruit, saffron and star anise honey 
Wine: Conosur Late Riesling 

At the end everyone who took a picture, right before they entered the dinning room, received a printed version to take home. And of course so did we…

A lovely evening with delicious food and good drinks… Oh and live music

Our congratulations to a job well done to this team below…

…the organization and of course the supporting chefs from the schools, Suriname Chefs Association, all who served us and the culinary team! 

We had a blast! 

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