The Suriname Alcoholic Beverages NV (SAB) held their launch party of Suriname’s first Vodka – VOLTZ, on Friday, December 6th, in Asia de Su.

Several guest were invited, such as retailers, hospitality entrepreneurs, media friends and of course friends and family (18+).

“I am very pleased with the turnout. We’ve entertained our guests till 01:00h. There was free vodka for everyone”, Anniek van Bergeijk said.  “Every retailer and hospitality entrepreneur who attended received a bottle of our Triple Distilled Vodka.”

Last week SAB started distributing and they are expecting the vodka to probably be in most stores at the end of this week. The retail price bottle will be around SRD 43.00.

Over the years SAB became synonymous for Rum. Each Surinamese grew up with Borgoe, Black Cat and Marienburg rum, that’s not only known for their high reputation in Suriname, but also abroad. This Surinamese company who is dedicated to distilling, lagering, mixing, packaging, distributing and exporting of rum and other alcoholic products  for almost five decades, now made the surprising and challenging step with the release of their own vodka brand: VOLTZ.

Vodka is becoming increasingly popular and is widely consumed when going out. This was the reason for SAB to start with the preparations of their own vodka  in 2013. Striking is that VOLTZ Vodka is not only a product of our own soil, but it also has international appeal.
During a years time several tastings in Suriname and abroad have been held. The test panel were experienced and avid vodka drinkers. During these tastings the VOLTZ Vodka was tested against other internationally known vodkas. According to SAB their vodka was always preferred a favourite over the other brands. Of course during this period of time they developed the perfect recipe for VOLTZ Vodka.
As said in our title, this vodka is the first from Surinamese soil. It is a Surinamese product with international appeal. VOLTZ Vodka stands out from the imported foreign brands by the particular softness of taste and unique characteristics.
Because Surinamese are becoming more proud of homegrown produced products these recent years, the quality and packaging are not inferior to foreign products.
The company is convinced that VOLTZ Vodka, next to the famous rums, will also be a success.
Guests signatures


According to SAB, VOLTZ Vodka is the party drink of choice for the month of December and they will especially focus on the trendy, young and vibrant nightlife crowd with VOLTZ vodka.

Their campaign will focus on victories in everyday life. The focus is on personal highlights, the moments when you want to treat yourself, to celebrate the good outcome or result.  That

is why their slogan is: “on top of my moment with Voltz”.
VOLTZ Vodka will be “the” drink  that will cover the year 2015!
Pictures by Events in Suriname

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