Every once in awhile I think of how I became a blogger… At first I didn’t even know how to start blogging. I just wanted to write my stories and share my pictures.

I started taking pictures and sharing them on my Facebook wall, always adding a short sentence or story to it. Having started my own magazine in 2011, people always think it’s easier for me to write. Sorry, but you thought wrong. I think it’s never easy to pen down words that swirl around in your head.

I can only speak/write for myself, but I do think that most bloggers or even writers have the same problem. Writer’s block… a common thing, but this is a lot bigger than just penning down the words.

My love for food made me start writing about what I like and feel. I’m critical in the restaurant, but I’ll talk to a manager if needed to let him or her know if something is not quite as I hoped it would be or as it should be.

Honesty above everything

I prefer to be honest to the owners or managers, so they can make a change if something went wrong. Due to whatever might be the reason for it, change of chefs, short staffed, etc.

You’ll see in my articles too, that most of my reviews are simple. I will only write an article or review that I think is worth it. If I’ve been to a place and I do not like it at all, I will not write about it. I’ll just let the managers know what my experience is.

The good thing about being a blogger is that you can pick and choose what you think is worth and/or what you like. It’s your playing field, not anyone else’s. Blogging for me is something I do in my spare time. I’ve tried blogging more often, but as this is one of my hobbies, my paying job does not allow more time to do so.

Get paid to blog…

World known bloggers get paid for what they do. There are several ways that happens; ads, advertorials, and a lot more. One day I might get to do that too. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll just write/blog because I love to share my thoughts with you. I love food and I love writing and talking about it. My only hope is that you like to read about it, and I can share more stories that entertain you enough that you enJoy it the fullest.

Thank you for reading, thank you for taking your time to be entertained by me sharing my thoughts…

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