In Suriname, we recently had our second restaurant week! Not long ago, we didn’t know much about this type of event. It was one certain person, who came from the island of Curaçao, had experienced it and wanted to organize it in our country… hence the reason why we’ve held the second one from September 5 till 11.


The first edition was held in February this year. People didn’t know a lot of it, so the promotion came in strong, just enough for people to talk about it constantly.

Restaurant week is actually pretty simple. It is a week where the restaurants, that participate, serve you a three course dinner -fine dining style- for a lower price than normal. Now you can afford to go fine dining or… you can try something new! The menu is served every day of that week and you can not order off menu. The restaurants do think about allergies of course, so as long as you let them know before hand they’ll make sure you have whatever you need.


Like I said above, restaurant week was firstly copied from our friendly island “Neighbours” Curaçao, but… there are more islands in the Caribbean that offer restaurant week. Here are some of them. Barbados held theirs the week before us! From August 27 till September 3. Trinidad and Tobago had theirs from September 16 till 25.

Planning to  go to the Cayman Islands or Aruba? Their restaurant week is right now! Cayman Islands’ and Aruba’s  started on October 1 and it is held the whole month!!! You can’t miss that and you’ve got enough time to plan. Do take the opportunity to enJoy a good meal by top chefs! It’s not that often that they will prepare these creations especially for you.


How to get the most out of restaurant week?

  • Check out the menu! The menus of the participating restaurants are usually available. View them before you go and start planning your week.
  • Be sure to book a reservation early! It is always disappointing when you’ve prepared yourself for a wonderful meal, but you can’t find a seat. You can always cancel if you’re not able to go.
  • Dress up! You are going to a fine dining restaurant. Make sure your Dress code is up to their standards. You would not want to walk in with slacks… 🙈
  • DO NOT FORGET TO CALL AND CANCEL! I think this is the most important one. Even though I wrote it last. The thing is some people do not cancel and the restaurant is depending on them. This can be somewhat annoying to the staff and the chefs. They prepare the food by the count of people coming and a little extra. We do not want to waste good food do we? So please, a little request from us to you, do not forget to cancel if you can’t go. It’s only a 2 minute call, or a message on their voicemail if you can’t reach them. On another note: do this always. Not only for restaurant week. 😉


Food is one of the most important things in life. You can live without it, but you can’t live without it. Go figure right?

[themify_quote]There is no sincerer love than the love of food. [/themify_quote] ~ George Bernard show

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