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Zakopane: Oscypek Cheese

The breathtaking city of Zakopane. A 1.30 hours drive from Krakow is Zakopane and sure to be a beautiful ride. Nature get ready, here we come, nothing beats leaving the bustle of the city and getting back in tune with nature.

To our luck, the first snowfall of the year fell 2 days before, so snow-covered mountains were sure to be seen for the day. Traveling to Zakopane seemed similar to being in a scene from the movie frozen, country houses – with a mix of modern in between, with their classic woodwork, fireplaces – very Nordic.

On the way, we stopped to buy “Oscypek” cheese from a local shepherds’ still living in the mountains that make this cheese. Oscypek is a smoked cheese, made out of salted sheep’s milk exclusively in the Tatra Mountains region in Poland. The cheese is made by heating fresh milk, adding rennet, and mixing until lumps appear. The cheese is then shaped by hand and placed into beautifully wood craved molds called Oscypiorka. Then smoked using pine wood which gives them a white creamy interior and outer golden color. Its taste was for me a bit as mozzarella with a smokey flavor. They are also made in the shape of strings.

Definitely try this local food when in Zakopane!

Stay safe and enjoy good food!

One Love,

~ Mau

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