Restaurant Wierzynek, located in the heart of old town Krakow, came highly recommend and not to be missed. Our last evening in Krakow, celebrating our lives intertwining together, why not eat at were a dear friend of mine had her magical wedding.

A Magical Wedding at Wierzynek

A very unique restaurant, dating back to 1364, to when a wealthy merchant Mikolaj Wierzynek hosted an extensive feast for the monarchs of Europe on behalf of the Polish King Casimir the Great. A lavish feast that was celebrated for a total of 20 days. They have been serving from monarchs to statesmen and artists. Exceptional interior with paintings, hand-made artistry from the 17th and 18th century, beautifully preserved. Located in the heart of old town Krakow.

Our waiter served us in impeccable style, the best table in the restaurant, with a beautiful view of the city and providing us with information about Krakow’s first restaurant.

So, what to eat? From their new fall menu, starters a shrimp paprika pate with mango paper and dill and a foie gras served with a red local wine, as recommended by our waiter. My main course consisting of Seabass cauliflower, snap peas, crayfish sauce mango & passion fruit gel, topped off with mango paper.

For my significant other:  Beef tenderloin, zucchini & potato rosti, mushrooms, rosemary with foie gras ice cream, and truffle.

Dishes were served beautifully, the fresh use of local products real brought out the authenticity of this dish and restaurant.

Finishing off the evening with a glass of vodka for our last evening in Krakow and right before the 21:00 quarantine lockdown. Make sure to have them on your list when visiting this beautiful country.

Stay safe and enjoy delicious food.

One love,

~ Mau

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