I really do appreciate that all of you are reading my journeys each month. It’s always a pleasure to look back and see what I’ve eaten; and where I’ve gone to do so.

JJ's Foodie Journey - July 2018

This month I’ve done or eaten more home cooked meals, than the months before. I’m starting off with my own version of a Dutch dish called Hutspot.

July 1:

Hutspot (Dutch), hochepot (French), or hotchpotch (English), is a dish of boiled and mashed potatoes, carrots, and onions with a long history in traditional Dutch cuisine. My version doesn’t have onions… but I did add cabbage! I also added seared chicken filets. This dish could also be called Stamppot.

July 2:

Every once in a while you need to load off a little! On this specific day, we did. We were watching the World Cup, with Brazil playing… and they won! 

July 4:

Lunch meetings are always fun if food is a part of it. On this day, I had a meeting while having this beautiful Deluxe Sandwich by Samba Cafe. It’s Brisket Steak with arugula & spicy mushrooms! In the background of this picture, you can see some “leftover” Latte Macchiato. Yumminess all at once.

Samba Cafe - Brisket Steak

July 6:

We all thought they would win, but most of us felt something was wrong. Even though this is my goddaughter’s birthday and it is a great day, we still felt it when Brazil lost the game.  This us celebrating and “mourning” the ending of World Cup 2018 for Brazil. Better luck next time! Suriname always supports their neighbors in soccer/football

July 7:

After a long night partying, having fun, you need a little pick-me-up… well that’s what I need! lol, This little cup-a-joe is super enjoyable, strong and sweet. Just the right amount to pick me up 😉

July 8:

Even though this is a foodie journey, on a food blog, I still like to add a little more than that. Here are some pictures on the last day of the first exposition of a good friend of mine, Gyanno van Kanten (@gvkanten on Instagram – check him out!)

As always, I will post a picture of my dinner mint chronicles/wisdom and during the expo, I found a very nice little quote written on one of them.

#dinnermintwisdom #dinnermintchronicles #especiallyforyou

From left to right: Gyanno, Megan, Jill-Joy & Wladimir – the three of us supporting GvKanten’s first expo (photography expo)

July 10:

My mother sent me this picture, just so she could laugh while I “cry” that I wasn’t with her in Amsterdam at that exact moment. One of their plates at The Seafood bar in Amsterdam.

The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

This picture below truly illustrates my happiness and love for food. Me picking from Chef Sade Jap A Joe’s Choice: Surf and Turf. #loveforfood #happinesslovefood#eatdrinkbethankful #victualsme
Picture by Gyanno van Kanten — at Jiji’s Restaurant.

I think dessert is the closing to your meal! This beautiful piece was surely enjoyable. JiJi’s never disappoints me.

JiJi’s is one of the first restaurants featured in Victuals Magazine. Jurgen Boodie is one chef inspired by our Surinamese culture while preparing a European or international meal. To this day he is now the only the owner, but his kitchen is now “manned” by the lovely inspirational, enthusiastic Miss Sade Jap A Joe. She is a Chef not to underestimate. This year, she was yet again part of the team of Chef for Fete de La Cuisine. This event is held and organized by Para Park, Mr. & Mrs. Nolet.

July 11:

Nothing beats a homemade Sardines in tomato sauce with lots of pepper! If I have nothing else at home, this is my go-to meal. It’s easy and delicious. I know not a lot of people like it, but I’ve loved it from the beginning.

Later that day I enjoyed steak and mashed potatoes at the Garden with Gietanjali.

And I even met someone I’ve not seen for years while walking to the car… about 20 to be exact!

Partly written in Dutch: Wanneer je plotseling iemand naar je toe ziet wandelen en je tot de ontdekking komt dat we elkaar bijna 20 jaar niet gezien hebben… 🙈🙈🙈 je bent in het land? Yes… leaving tomorrow 🤦‍♀️ it was good seeing you again after so many years @nasoaigo! xoxo ook al was het maar voor 10min. Het was gezellig. #lobi

July 13:

#dinnermintwisdom #dinnermintchronicles #cheerup

July 14:

It’s been a while since I cooked me some Bruine Bonen (literally translated: Brown Beans). Brown Beans with white rice (BBR) has been a traditional family dish in my family. My grandmother, Oma Bakkie, made the best version. At her funeral, my cousin wrote and read a piece in honor of her. And we actually published it in our magazine, the 4th edition. My aunts always said that they have the magic hands of my granny, so they make the meanest and best BBR just like Oma Bakkie did. I actually feel that mine is a bit similar to hers. But of course, you wouldn’t know if you didn’t know her or taste hers or mine 😉  Well.. below is my version! Yummy 😀

I ate… but was still hungry later… Off to a restaurant! Ogi’s Restaurant at Ramada Princess Hotel & Casino. I must say that I’ve had better sushi. This one was okay. My friends ordered non-raw sushi, which I do not like as much as the raw version. The sashimi was all mine though!!!

After dinner, we had a little fun!

July 15:

Lunch! Leftover Bruine Bonen… LOVE IT! This dish tastes even better the day after (of course it should be kept in the fridge). Look how happy I am 😀

July 16:

Bami Soup! Javanese noodle soup to be exact.

July 17:

Cravings! A friend of mine posted her homemade Trie Sambel (also Teri in Indonesian [in English: anchovy] sambal)… I needed to have some, so I ordered it and ate it as a snack.

July 19:

My auntie made me some bitter-melon with salted meat. I only added white rice (cooked with a little salt) and tenderloin steak, medium rare. Yumminess on a plate! I love bitter-melon…

July 21:

Me and my coffee cup

July 22:

Just my Bitmoji… I was toying around 😀 Can you guys what I like the most? 

At least once a month I’ll make some pasta… here I go again. LOL

July 23:

Mommy made me a little lobster tail for lunch. Feeling the love; are you?

July 27:

Breakfast… Cucumbers, boiled eggs and tomatoes! Easy and fast… loving the healthy part toooo. 

and for dinner… beef, corn and zucchini 

July 28:

Lunch & a meeting! Thai soup… looks yummy right?

and Cheryl’s birthday…

July 29:

My homemade Lunch & Dinner🍴 
It’s a soup day! 
Homemade vegetable and meat soup:
▪️ zucchini
▪️ spinach
▪️ mushroom
▪️ tomato
▪️ beef 🥩 (sucadelappen)
▪️ salted meat (zoutvlees)
▪️ chicken sausage (rookworst)

I added Fong Fong pepre and fried onions just to give it the extra umph 🙃


July 30:

Snack time: just some wasa biscuits and chicken ham, drinking from my Staples Center Cup!

July 31:

The last day of the month I close of with my dinner mint wisdom/chronicles 🙂 #haveablessedday #dinnermintchronicles #dinnermintwisdom

It was the last, but not the least… now I’m really closing off with my dinner. Yellow peas, smoked fish, 3 different veggies and pepper!

Don’t mind the pepper! 😝 
Today’s lunch AND dinner by Delicioso Bar & Restaurant 

Again I’m asking you to like, share, comment on my foodie journey. For the last 3 months, I’ve learned to love doing this. Sharing my journeys with you, as long as you like it too. So… Leave a short message. Tell me what you think. 

You can also send me suggestions on where to go or what to eat. I’d love do so… what is your favorite and why? Would I like it too?

Well, that’s it for JJ’s Foodie Journey – July! I do hope you liked it again. Till next months (August) foodie journey.

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