The Netherlands

The surprise

First off I wanted to surprise my brother. It was his and his girlfriend’s gender reveal party. No, not a party… But a small gathering where they would reveal what the gender of the baby will be.

Now mind you, I did not tell them I was coming over or even that I was traveling to Europe, let alone the Netherlands.

So this is what I did, I got on a plane… traveled to the Netherlands from Suriname. When I arrived I got my rental car and drove straight to the location where they were. The moral of this story… I got to surprise my brother for the first time in my life! Hahaha gosh was he surprised. He even had tears… happy tears of course.

He didn’t even believe I was really there… so he had to hold me tight to make sure I was real. Not imaginary lol 😂 and I got the picture to prove it.

My brother is my heart ❤️. He can always make me smile or cry at will. Just by the words he says.

Isn’t he a beautiful person

Oh and the baby… is going to be a girl 👧 cute!

The food stops and my friends

IKEA snack…

Yes! of course, my post is going to have food stops! And I’m including my friends too.

After successfully surprising my brother and his girlfriend, I set off to a lovely night of… snoring 💤 at my friend, Eileen. She has always welcomed me in her home and resting my eyes there felt greatly loved. I’ve got a few good friends that are close to my heart and she is one ☝️ if them.

Eileen & Me
Daim Cake from Ikea

Wondering through the warehouse is one of the things I love to do when in The Netherlands. I had to get my shopping going 😝.

After taking a selfie with little Ms. Adele, I went and spent the evening with my brother while he worked.

Dim Sum

This was a tradition my boyfriend and I had on Sunday mornings right after he came from a night of clubbing. I love me some dim sum and so do my brother and his girl.

For my next stop… we when to Chinatown!

So what did we order to eat? A whole lot 🤪. Our order varies from… to …

What we ordered shrimp wonton, duck and beef rice pancakes, spicy squid, rammenas cakes and pumpkin cakes!

Noodles… a restaurant just around the corner of where I stayed in Rotterdam. I met with a friend… we’d have contact through WhatsApp, Skype and even through google drive! Meetings that would always have food in the background, either one of the three of us was cooking or eating. 😝

As we haven’t seen each other for at least 2-3 years, this was a great moment to meet up and have lunch. He choose the restaurant. I think we spoke about it once in a call… I remember that vaguely 🙈

So I ordered a Noo Meat dish and he ordered a fish dish. The first picture below is my bowl. I truly did not know what to expect. You know I’m Dutch we have a saying: “Wat de boer niet kent, vreet hij niet.” Meaning: “I only eat what I know”. I am one of the people that does try different things, but still is anxious before trying. Hahaha crazy right? This bowl of noodles doesn’t look bad and believe me it wasn’t bad at all! Great dish, great choice.

From the look of it, the shrimp-look-alike thing is actually made of soya! At first I thought it was imitation crab, none of that. Each item in this bowl is perfectly matched together.

Shopping spree and great food

Germany – Düsseldorf

My aunt left Suriname a while ago with my uncle. We’ve no clue when they will come back, and because of that we went to meet her at the train station. I had only told her that I was driving up with a friend. Little did she know that that friend was my brother and his girlfriend. My aunt is his godmother, and this was a very good surprise.

Now you know me, I can’t go visit without eating something… so here are our dishes.

This is us
Saying goodbye to Düsseldorf with sorbet… Zitrone und Ingwer


It is always a wonderful moment meeting up with my girl Annette. The first time I met her, I was 4 years old. We’ve been friend ever since. She took me to this very nice restaurant. A location were one of her besties actually got married! Lovely place, great atmosphere… and most of all good food.

We both had coffee and fresh mint tea next to our salads. Mine was a carpaccio salad, with fresh herbs 🌿! Very very good. And hers was a goat cheese salad. None of us ate the bread, it was a beautiful display 😝

Rem-Ko actually left our “little” country a few months ago. For me it was really sudden, but I do understand him completely. In the end you choose to love yourself first. It was great seeing this great guy 😘

Strolling through Rotterdam

Almost every country now has this quarantine dilemma… we all have to stay home. On the morning before I left the Netherlands, I strolled through my stunningly wonderful home away from home… Rotterdam. I

’d like you to enjoy the picture I took…

Thank you for reading about my little trip. I really hope you liked it. If any questions on what ever you read, comment below and I’ll answer you of course.

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