The culinary magazine Victuals, is now also available on the Kindle from 

Editor Jill-Joy Landburg says that the decision was made to release a Kindle version, so that people from abroad can be provided with information about the cooking done in Suriname, among others. She notes that there is often asked whether Victuals is also available online. was chosen for international expansion and interest. The price is set at US $ 4.99. At selected times, it is possible, to download the magazine for free for a few days. “We are planning to release all editions of Victuals through Amazon. We started with Issue number 01 and will make subsequent monthly edition,” Landburg announced.

Landburg claims that the magazine has developed in recent years in various areas. “Not only is the magazine’s look better in form, but the articles also became deeper. The team has been expanded. We are proud that Victuals, in  terms of business, has helped to develop the art of cooking in Suriname, together with the Suriname Chefs Association and others who are willing, just a little or some much more, to cooperate in the gastronomic life in Suriname.”

As published on (23 May, 13:52)

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