First, of, I’d like to apologize for not writing as much the last few months of 2018. It’s been pretty hectic, but a good few months. Sometimes life happens and you get caught up in sooo many things all at once. It’s not that I don’t value my time writing, but I’ve put it on hold for so long. Wishing 2019 will be my writing year and I will write more articles/reviews/etc for you to read.

So here is my Foodie Journey for the last months – August till December. I’ve decided to post a lot of pictures in galleries format this time, collected a lot and I’d love for you to see them all (and still I didn’t upload all though). Also, I’ve written about how my month went, instead of short stories with every picture. I do hope you like it.


This month was as beautiful for me as every other month, when it comes to food and fun. It started with a late night snack with my dude at Tangelo and ended with a trip together to Curacao to enjoy the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival.

Even though both, start and end, were nice… the middle is not forgotten. I’ve made some home cooked meals, experimented with pancakes and cheese, had dinner with family and friends, tasted Black Cheese, had the launch of Miss India Worldwide Suriname, bought a beautiful necklace by Seiloni, wore a Crown!, ate with my hands… berkat, and in Curacao… visited my great aunt, who later this year past away at a respectable age of 100 years and 10 months. All and all a beautiful journey for a foodie. Do enjoy the pictures of August, if you have a question about any of them, leave a comment and i’ll answer.


Curacao is real different, it’s a please you should go to and feel it for yourself. A “truk di pan” experience is one thing you should have had, right after a night out. This was first to be a truck that sells pan (bread), but nowadays they sell barbecue, grilled foods and anything they feel like you need or want to eat after a night out and about.

Have you heard about the Blue Curacao Liquor? No? Well, we had a tour with a dance act and cocktail mixing at the end. That is something that doesn’t happen every day, but there are occasions that they have it scheduled which you should at least try to see.

This month was also my birthday month. Each day I celebrated my birthday coming up. I’ve always enjoyed it and wanted everyone close to me do so too. During these celebrations, I’ve met up with my old classmate which I hadn’t seen for years! She’s a whole lot of fun, my dearest Sharita. For my birthday I went all out, started of with my owru yari (the eve before) by going to DBar and Club Next. Had lunch with friends at Chi-Min and had dinner with my mom and boyfriend at Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo, finishing the weekend with a lovely swimming party with just my boyfriend, his son and myself. Just the 3 of us.


While October started of with me going to Kickboxing lessons, I’ve had to cancel it throughout the rest of the month. Work related things had a little more priority, and yeah… you still have to eat. So some home cooked meals were in order, Curry Crab (Surinamese tho, not the same as the international known crabs or curry), DimSum, Sashimi and a #Mulitplyyourmoments event by Coca-Cola drinking my favorite softdrink: Coca-Cola!!! I even tried to prepare my own version of Eggplant, Salt-fish and chicken… it wasn’t the best, but good enough for the first try. 🙂


I don’t even remember what to say about November! Looking back at these beautiful pictures below brings me back to all the lovely juices and different tastes it all had. From beef pasta to fried squid, from sushi to homemade “all-the-ingredients-you-can-find” soup… and traveling to the Netherlands.


I think I’ve saddled you all up with more than enough pictures. I really hope you enjoyed them. And I still have some more… want to see them? follow me personally on Instagram.

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