Last month I started to log my foodie journey and I’d love to share it with you each and every month.

This month I share with you a little more than I did before. Mind you, I did eat more, I just forgot to take a picture. The reason, I was either too hungry and started eating already or I simply just forgot to take one. 🤷‍♀️

Here’s this months foodie journey:

June 2:

Studying is part of my life again. I started January last with my student life. It’s a whole different journey all together… 🙈 but together with my subset members, we find it’s a pleasant journey especially when food is in it. During one of our study meetings, we went to the Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo. I ordered a Ceasar’s salad.. 🤤 (only by thinking about this please, I’m hungry again. And the picture below doesn’t really help either 😝

I’m not a salad person, but… whenever I get the chance to have a Cesar’s salad at Courtyard I will get one! I think this is the best one I’ve have had. If you think you’ve had better, let me know where and when so I can try it myself too. Courtyard’s version had grilled chicken and fried bacon bites in it… love in a bowl!

Of course you can’t eat without have a drink to wash it down. Remember we are studying so this lovely glass is a non-alcoholic lemonade, made fresh! You do have to request it’s freshly made though. That’s the best!

Fresh Lemonade

June 5:

On this day I started out studying with my classmates again, but it ended with a cocktail and collaboration with the lovely Mrs Gietanjali. “Drinking on future opportunities… and looking forward to it.”

Cocktail at Marriott Paramaribo

June 7:

A brainstorming session with a client… we’ve found each other when it comes to gaveling a certain love for food. We are always hungry 😋 but still try to watch out weight. So when we scheduled our session, we scheduled it during lunch hours. Food and drinks while brainstorming it a very good idea. You can find below pasta at the Coffeebox. Creamy tagliatelle with beef and broccoli 🥦 yum yum yummy 🤤. I’m hungry again while writing this at this late hour. 🙈

Drinks? I’ve asked for a cup of coffee, a cappuccino to be exact. Not too much milk, otherwise I’ve got the feeling it’s a latte and I dislike lattes.

Beef pasta at Coffeebox

After working hours it is time to relax. I pored myself a glass of Ursus. On the rocks is good, others love to add an energy drink or soda water to it. I prefer it on the rocks, just to taste the sweetness.

June 9:

Study time again! This month really started off with lots of visits to Marriott Paramaribo. They really offer great atmosphere and ambiance, while having great staff and good food too. The meeting table in the lobby is our place of “zen”. Study zen… does that even exist? 🤪

We didn’t order food, but coffee and lemonade while studying is good too. You don’t always have to “stuff” yourself.

Meet the girls! I really felt out of place… all those stripes…

Later that day I joined the Spa Party at my cousin. It was her daughters 6th birthday and they gave away these cute cookies. I had to have one… “nail polish” cookie.

June 10:

That time when I actually wanted, and had time, to cook! Shrimp pasta… the day before I saw this great video on Facebook where they prepared this delicious looking pasta. I soooo needed to eat it, and had to make it myself too.

Here’s my version:

June 11:

I’ve always posted pictures of food and drinks… but I also drink water. Water is one of the most important fluids in your life. Try to drink as much as often… 2L is preferred they say. Stay healthy 😉

June 16:

Usually I eat my saoto at work. This time I went with a friend, Rhyno, to Commewijne to get some. It tasted good and company was great. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and talk with friends. On our table you can see that I’ve again asked for a cup of coffee… coffee life! Saoto: is an Javanese soup, made with chicken broth, shredded chicken, bean sprouts, fried potatoes. You eat it with white rice and a boiled egg if you want, also pepper and ketjap is added to taste.

June 17:

I’ve been cooking again! Good thing to do, because eventually I need to get some homemade meals in my tummy too. I’ve made homemade fries and beef in Fong Fong pepre and turmeric.

Later that day I went to watch the World Cup with Brazil 🇧🇷 playing together with Monica. Anthony joined us a little later and we celebrated the night away. Brazil won! So there are parties everywhere the Brazilians are!

We started off with Radlers and ended with our beloved Ursus!

June 20:

Massala lamb and tayerblad… it was absolutely delicious.

June 21:

Sometime ago I thought myself to have at least an emergency meal. When you don’t have time to cook or buy something to eat, these cup-a-soups are life savers.

June 22:

After a long day organizing an event, making sure everything is alright and you actually forget to eat (because you are running up and down) a Hotpot meal is well deserved.

June 26:

On the second day of the Social Media Conference Suriname 2018, the speakers gathered together to grab lunch. I ordered a grilled chicken salad. I found a fellow non-fresh-onion eater! Both of us removed our onions and placed it on the side… 🤣 (when you think you are the only one… nope there are other just like you! #nukken)

The event was a success! But I was tired and starving… drove by my mom, and look at what she played that night. OMG 😮 deliciousness on a wooden plate… yum 😋

June 28:

My first time at Might Racks! Great company, good food, the perfect mix. I was stuffed and I think he was too. After such a meal, I think a dessert is supposed to be in place… but like I said I was stuffed. I couldn’t even think about dessert, let alone eat it, Ha!

June 30:

Funny to see that I always end up with a cup of coffee or 4 in my posts. During lunch time we went to CY Coffee to have a cup a joe, lol

But later that day we ended up at Azteca’s for a late lunch…

fish sticks! I loved the wasabi mayonnaise and the fish was delicious. We also ordered the Doubles (Trinidadian dish).

That was a long one… I thought it was going to be a short story… far from it I guess. I hope you liked my foodie journey of the month June.

On to next months journey: July!

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