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Xquisit…the name gives off a modern twist to the word exquisite, which can be perceived both as playful as innovative. And whenever I see an X in a name, I also seem to have an idea that it’s something special.So on our 2nd day in Curacao, we had date night in restaurant Xquisit!!

We were warmly welcomed by our waitress. The place has a modern chic style with earthy colors and wood accents. It has quite the appearance worthy of its name.

What did surprised me a bit were the following:

  1. The prices. For one, I’m not the one to complain when it’s affordable, but when I read that it’s fine dining I was expecting $35 per main course instead of a 3-course dinner.
  2. The way diners dress since it’s a fine dining restaurant. They didn’t really dress up and to think I went throught the trouble of buying a dress since I didn’t really bring something fancy to wear.

The concept is plain and simple. Create your own 3-course dinner for the price of $35,- per person. The list is not too elaborate yet gave us enough options to choose from.


For the starters, our choice was easily made. I chose the ravioli and he went for the pork belly. The ravioli was very creamy and I love the mushrooms in it.
His pork belly has a nice sweet taste, but for me I prefer the pieces to be bite-size.

Main Course:

Next to the salmon, we wanted to try the churrasco skirt for an extra $10,-. The plating of the dishes is clean and quite basic. The noodle that comes with the salmon really made me think of my Asian roots.

My medium rare steak was nicely cooked, well flavored and goes very well with the chimichurri sauce.


We completed our meal with a Banana Waffle and a Chocolate Bundt Cake. If I would recommend some improvements to these two items, it would be a different plating for the Waffle and milk chocolate instead of pure chocolate for the bundt cake. With the bananas being on top, the waffle loses its crispiness.

And for the cake, most people are not that fond of the bitterness of pure chocolate. The waitress felt so bad when I told her my waffle was soggy that we received complimentary cappuccinos. On the whole it was a pleasant experience. We enjoyed ourselves with the ambiance and the food!

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