Curacao Culinair 2016 is the first of many to come.

This event is planned and organised by 3 lovely ladies from the Netherlands, who actually started first with MM Culinair. MM Culinair is a collaboration of two companies, Beau Business and Klik Company, both located in the Netherlands.

Curacao Culinary is a culinary event where restaurants from Curacao present themselves to the public. During this event you can enjoy the very best of Curacao in the culinary field has.

Wine Tasting while enJoying

Each wonderful booth, made sure that you had their own assorted wines, so you could taste them too.  Depending on the dish you order, the wine is paired and suggested to you. Of course, if you prefer another wine, they will give that to you too. This evening you can enjoy delicious various culinary delights coupled with fine wine and also a refreshing beer.

Amazing Desserts!

15 restaurants have their own both. From these they serve a variety of small dishes. Visitors were able to buy these dishes with the special Curacao Culinary coins and two days long to were able to enJoy many restaurants and their beautiful dishes.

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The super HOT item for us is located at a small booth, that is actually a small catering company in Pastry French Style. The pastry shop La Vie en Rose had such a beautiful desserts, you would rather look at them, then touch them or break it into pieces. But rest assured, the desserts were as the delicious as the looked too. On small bite of this beauty here… and it melted on your tongue.

La Vie en Rose is focused entirely on the art of baking, sweet life! If only we had this little devils in Suriname, we would have been more then happy to be in the shop every day and every hour for that matter!

Photo collection of a wonderful evening well spent…

Below we have a collection of most of the pictures we took. It was a fun, relaxed and wonderful event, and if you look at these pictures, you can see for sure that we enJoyed it the fullest!
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The first edition was a great success!

Therefore, they are able to announce in advance that you can enjoy Curacao Culinary next year again. Put Friday, April 7th and Saturday, April 8th in your agenda. We are looking forward to 2017!

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