Last Saturday, April 8, Curaçao launched a new delicacy, namely “WILLI BURGER” in the presence of Minister Goeloe of Economic Affairs, Mr. Steven Martina, Eugene Rhuggenaath and Zita Leito. Their own local reporter Dwight Rudolphina was the MC of the evening.

This burger, made from Goat meat, has a short but very successful pilot period stood at Toko WILLI WOOD and is now permanently on the menu of Toko St. Willibrord. The marketing ploy behind this burger has begun at Hato and will be rolled out throughout the island, just to put Curaçaos healthy and tasty treat on the world map.


“We are very proud that we have introduced a truly local product, which will benefit the whole economy of Curaçao. The WILLI BURGER is not only available from Toko WILLIWOOD, but WILLI BURGER’s recipes are presented by several restaurants on the island. It is a natural product and therefore sustainable and good for the environment. A portion of the proceeds will benefit to support talented youth and inspire the creation of an innovative local business activity.” Thus Marfa Wawoe initiator of the WILLI BURGER and owner of Toko WILLI WOOD.

The flesh, will from now on, be grounded and made into patties, made by a local distributor. That’s where the patties are purchased by restaurants, so the recipe will be the same at all locations. The buns of the WILLI BURGER are special made by a local bakery. It contains the same herbs used in the burger. Even the skewers are provided by a local company.

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    1. We are sad to say that we did not get to taste the burger. Even though we were in Curacao at that time, we did not get the opportunity to pass by.

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