It was my first time traveling to Las Vegas! So I was really excited 😊.  Our trip: Paramaribo-Miami-Las Vegas!!!

We planned to go to the Netherlands at first, but our mother changed her mind and wanted to spend her 60th birthday in Las Vegas! So… that’s where we went. Anything for mom right? I think you’d agree with me on that one.

Stranded in Trinidad

I’ll take you through our itinerary. We first left Suriname on Thursday, October 6th to go straight to Miami. At that time, Hurricane Matthew was visiting and making sure all flights toward Miami were cancelled. We got “stranded” in Trinidad 🇹🇹. Not that that was a big problem, nope! We enjoyed our 2 days there. Had some good food at a Churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse – Texas de Brazil.

We had three options to choose from and we chose the Lobster and shrimp 🍤 platter and two full all-you-can-eat dinners with all meat and a salad buffet.

The food was delicious 😋!  The lobster was well cooked, not well-done 🙈… the shrimp was just right. Can you imagine how fast this plate went down?

The full dinner… well if you look at the plate on this picture below, you would think I didn’t eat much at all, but I certainly did. The gentlemen came back to back, serving each a wonderful piece of meat. A variety of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. On my plate you will only see a Parmesan Crusted Chicken 🍗 drumstick, but the one I really liked and didn’t take a picture of was the Parmesan crusted pork! It was well seasoned and not dry at all. You know, some people tend to cook pork a bit too dry. This piece of meat was perfect!

Also on my plate: couscous salad, prepared in two different ways; tomatoes and cucumber salad, mushrooms and a small piece of prosciutto ham. We were really stuffed after that meal! This is a must go to place, but please note: this was  not an inexpensive evening.

Hurricane Matthew

Finally Matthew moved past Miami and we could now continue with our trip.  And then… our flight could not be changed from Sunday to Saturday! What?!? Can you believe it? We had to stay in Trinidad from Thursday until Sunday afternoon, but our plans were made and American Football was Sunday afternoon and Miami Carnival Sunday evening! We wouldn’t be able to make it to either one, so…CHANGE OF PLANS! CANCEL the flights on Caribbean Airlines and book new tickets on American Airlines (AA) for Saturday afternoon. Done! Miami here we come!!!

Bienvenido a Miami

We had an okay flight, though the seats were not as wonderful as we hoped… AA provides Wifi on board, but only above the USA 🇺🇸 . So flying in from Trinidad means, no WiFi. But that’s okay. You don’t need to be online every moment of the day right? 😱 of course not!

The first thing you do when you arrive after a “long” flight (4 hours 15 minutes), is go search for food! Oh well that’s what I do 🙈. According to my mother, I’m always hungry. Yes this girl can eat. 😉🍴

After checking in at the hotel, I asked the nice lady at the front desk which restaurants were near, because we were in no mood to find a taxi or walk anywhere far!  She told us there was a nice Italian near and that’s where we went. Divieto, an Italian-American Fusion restaurant.

I ordered a margarita! Needed something sour and sweet 😉 and a little bit of salt. And the appetizers were mussels, garlic bread and avocado. Yum!

The mussels were delicious. We did think they were a little on the small side, but that didn’t take away the taste. They were made in marinara sauce, not a bit overcooked! I loved it!

The entree

On the left side, you’ll see a picture of the TUSCAN SALMON: Fresh salmon grilled to perfection topped with garlic, fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil and herbs. Served with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. The salmon was pretty delicious. It wasn’t my entree choice, but I did taste a small piece. Of course, as a foodie, you want to try everything, but my stomach is not big enough so I only took a bite.

On the right side, that’s my main course! The Pork Shank OSSOBUCO: Slowly braised pork shank in a mushroom-herb gravy sauce. Served over delicious creamy risotto. Oh my Goshhhh… I was in food heaven! Each bite I took, melted. Gorgeously delicious, perfectly cooked and superb with  the right combination of spices and not spicy at all. I love my rice, so this was a great choice for me. My family always tells me that when I eat I always need to add so much sauce that my rice has to swim! Almost like I’m always eating soup, but not really.

Below  you will find the PECAN-CRUSTED RED SNAPPER: Pecan-crusted red snapper filet, sautéed with a chardonnay-mustard sauce. Served with rosemary roasted potatoes and asparagus with extra avocado 🙂 as requested. I do have to say that I did not taste this one. It looked amazing and I know it was delicious because the person who ate it, cleared the plate!

Mommy & Me
A night well spent after all that traveling. My lovely cousin came to visit and we planned to go about the next day.

Sunday Funday!

Before getting ready for the game, we needed to get ourselves a lovely little breakfast which the hotel provided. Sometimes it is a good idea to reserve your room with breakfast included, but if you plan on exploring early… forget the breakfast at the hotel and go to iHop or any other breakfast spot. Miami has enough, I just took the easy way out 😉.

I asked Stephanie for something that had lots of salt, and this is what she brought me. Little did she know, I don’t really like bread or flowery things, so the pretzel was not one of my favorites. I did eat a small amount, I think not even a quarter of it and it did taste okay. It is just not my favorite.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the game, Miami Dolphins 🐬 vs Tennessee Titans, we went to Miami Carnival! I actually forgot to take pictures, can you believe it? Noooooo!  We made two, one in the dark and the other… in the end!

I am adding this link that was published earlier by  Passport Caribbean, written by  Ira Claxton,  The Calypso Epicurean. He had given us some tips on what to eat during the festival, and yes we did! Only we were toooooo hungry 😋 🍽 to take pictures, so again I can’t post what it does not have. So Sorry…

The Next day…

We had breakfast at Amaize!  A “little” Latin Style Inspired restaurant, right around the corner from our hotel. The food has Amaizeeeng flavor, like they say it in their publications and I for one do not disagree with them.
The food was Amaizeeeng!  ðŸ’¯

At Amaize, we want to share our passion for Arepas with the world and we are excited to help you discover your personal favorites. We want you to experiment with flavors to create an Arepa that delights you.

Shaggy® combo (Pulled beef with Gouda cheese) & Amaize homemade style soup

On to our next adventure… Las Vegas!

Traveling Experiences: Part 2!   ðŸ”œ

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