I find it somewhat ironic that when I decide to write my first food blog a Mystery Cheesecake would appear. What are the chances?

Well let’s get to it, the rules of my blog are simple, food will be judged on the day and ranked by overall taste (1-5 Forks) and willingness to buy again (1-5 Knives) with 5 being the best. So now that we are clear, without any more delay Fork. Knife. Action.

Cooke’s Finest always catches my attention with their great cupcakes and cheesecakes so when they announced their mystery cheesecake I was hooked. However, the main questions I had were: Will they disappoint in taste? And what is this mystery flavor?

As you open the package the first thing that hits me is the smell….Dammmnn it smells very sweet. On further investigation, I notice the inner layers of what I hope is greatness.

Then the first bite comes…

Hmm, be right back I need to go finish this…..

Ok, I am back. Dammmnn that was great! I solved the mystery, but my mouth was too full to say it out loud. Don’t worry I checked their website to confirm what my taste buds told me. Yup, it was Turnover cheesecake.

From the first bite, I could taste the sugar and the coconut is perfectly blended. Wow, I couldn’t stop…. I even had to check the bag to see if I ordered two.

This first judging is so easy.

Forks & Knives?

  • 4 Forks – The taste was heavenly!
  • 4 Knives – I am just wondering if I can order a next one and get it delivered now? I mean it’s only 10 pm.

Cooke’s Finest I don’t know how you do it but keep it coming.

Until next time Fork. Knife. Action.
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