We also know that strength training is the best option. But how do you start? What exercises should you be doing and how many times? There are so many different types of exercises we can do to achieve our goals. But first let us talk about strength training. 

We’ve already talked about strength training in groups, so now we’re going to focus on individual strength training. First of all find a trainer who can show different exercises and know how you must use the different exercise machines. Now if you want to burn fat you have to build muscles first, because muscles burn fat. So how do you build muscles? To build muscles you need to trigger them, you should train them properly. And by properly we mean that you really must do an effort to finish the last repetitions of your set. And when you’re used to the weight you need to raise it. You’ll need to keep triggering your muscles. We call this “overload”.  

So how do your muscles burn your fat? For example, when you’re doing a squat exercise you bend your knees which will lengthen you muscle. And when you come up again it goes back to its normal length. When you do this a couple of times or with some weight it makes small cracks in your muscles. These cracks need to heal, and for that process you need energy. Energy appears in calories. So during the healing process you’ll burn calories. So if you eat just enough calories to function during the day, your body have to take the calories to repair the crack from somewhere else, and that somewhere else is the fat that you have stored. 

Now read that last sentence again….we said eat enough calories to function during the day, do not starve yourself, because than your body will store everything that you eat and you will gain weight! Burning after your training during your recovery is called the EPOC effect.

So we’ve just told you that your muscles burn your fat, the more and bigger muscles you have the higher the burn. The biggest group of muscles in your body are the legs. So if you want to elevate your fat burning train big muscles or groups. 

So if you want to burn fat and create overload, you can choose to train in the 6-15 repetitions; 1-3 series range which is great for adding muscle. Train with more weight and do fewer repetitions. Training in an 15-30 repetitions; 1-3 series; 90 seconds rest between the series range however, won’t be developing too much muscles but will still burn fat. But slower and in the end it stops because your body gets used to the exercise. 

So in short words: 
High Volume, multiple set program (6-15 reps, 1-3 series) for fast muscle building and low volume (bodyweight).

In our next blog we’re going to talk about Cardio training and Cortisol

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