Have you ever heard of fine dining? Restaurants can be categorized into categories where fine dining is the most luxurious category par excellence. As the name suggests, this is more expensive restaurants, with a refined menu and excellent service.

Fine dining is usually something that is only done on special occasions, also because of the price tag attached to it. The atmosphere and setting are more formal, so it is not appreciated when you visit a restaurant in this category in jeans with sneakers underneath. Where, with fine dining, not only a lot of attention and time is put into preparing a dish, you can also count on beautifully decorated restaurant, linen tablecloths, service and high-quality service. Fine dining is really a night out where you dress nicely and enjoy the total experience.

As mentioned earlier, different categories of restaurants can be distinguished, including; casual dining, premium dining and fine dining. Where fine dining covers the more expensive segment, but you also have a great experience. You could say that Surinamese cuisine is a mix between the casual dining and family dining categories.

When it comes to Surinamese cuisine, there doesn’t have to be a special occasion and there is no dress code either! Surinamese cuisine cannot be explained in just one article, but you can assume that it has influences from almost all parts of the world. The various population groups that live together in Suriname have shared their knowledge and skills with each other over the years, creating a kind of merger. The Surinamese kitchen is a unique kitchen where you will find African, Indonesian, Indian and Chinese influences, which makes it very unique. In some respects this corresponds to fine dining, which also involves the preparation of dishes with unusual products and creative combinations. In the Surinamese kitchen you will find products that do not always come to mind or that you may have never heard of such as tayer and cassava. But also various types of fish and delicacies.

Surinamese Cuisine

However, you soon come across a difference again; the size of a portion. Although the quality of the dish is often better than in an average restaurant, the portions are considerably smaller during fine dining. The dishes and portions of Surinamese cuisine, on the other hand, are many times more generous and are usually consumed with the entire family.

As you can see, there are similarities between fine dining and Surinamese cuisine, but there are more differences. Of course, dishes from the Surinamese kitchen can also go well on a menu of a restaurant that offers a fine dining concept.

A new trend has emerged in the last few years; fun dining. This also revolves around the overall picture such as a beautiful building and interior, good service and beautiful decoration. However, at restaurants that offer this concept, it is a bit more accessible for people who do not want to be too deeply involved!

Written by Renuka SowmaGirjasing

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