Food, what a pleasure it is to be able to have it…

Victuals had the pleasure of being invited by the then Executive Chef from Royal Torarica Hotel.


Royal Torarica Hotel opened its doors on December 23, 2007. This 4-star+ business hotel is conveniently located in the center of Paramaribo at the Suriname River. Within easy reach of the historical center, shops and restaurants and located next to its parent hotel Torarica.

Here are a few items from their menu.

Asparagus soup with  parsley & poached quail egg

Red snapper, beurre blanc, braised spinach, cream of peas,  mashed potatoes, tarragon oil

Cod, sea lavender, curry sauce, asparagus tops, steamed mussels samphire

Tortellini with chicken and sauce of parmesan, pine nuts and courgette, 
freshly grated parmesan

House twisted tagliatelle with truffle, poached quail egg and fresh mushrooms cave
Duo of lamb chop and lamb sweetbread croquette with red port sauce, 
caramelized onions and balsamic meloes puree of eggplant
Pork cheek slowly braised in stout Parbo with mashed potatoes, 
crispy bacon, caramelized carrots and onions pipe
Chocolate mousse with 18 carat gold leaf, marmalade and raspberry crumble bastogne
It was a delicious meal! Our favorite were the asparagus soup, pork cheeks and the lamb. The service was splendid, the staff was welcoming and the food was delicious. What more would you want?

This is an absolute must go to, if you have the budget! Good food. You have options on where to eat, dining room area of terrace. Amazing few and a lovely calming atmosphere. Again… a must go to. So think about it… 

Ps. Valentine’s Day is next month already! Plan ahead… 😉

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