These journeys have become a part of a routine. I’m being honest, and I’m still trying to get this all together within a certain time frame, and having a full time job that has nothing to do with food. lol

I hope you enjoy this month’s journey!

Ferbuary 1

I’ve waited all day for this gorgeous meal! Happy kid two days in a row!

February 2

Starting the day with a lovely cup of coffee. If you’ve been following me for the last couple of years, you should know by now that coffee is my favorite. At home and in the office, I prefer black coffee, one spoon coffee, one spoon sugar. That’s it! Depending on where I am at, i’ll ask for something that has less milk but still delish!

February 5

Enjoying a small glass of Ursus, while getting ready to do some schoolwork.

February 6

“Bruine Bonen!!!” That was my post on facebook that day! I didn’t make a picture than, but I did do it later when I was home. I was toooo starved in the office to even consider taking a picture before eating! haha

Bruine bonen!!!

February 7

Hopping out of the country… something we did not plan, but we did actually! lol
Me and two of my classmates, Charline and Santusha, took a trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Below are some of our pictures on the day we arrived. We started doing our schoolwork first, then had lunch, enjoyed the evening looking out on the sea. And we went to our very first panyard, enjoying the beautiful sound of the Steelpan Orchestra “THE RENEGADES”! and fell in love: #IAMRENEGADES!

February 8

The started out with breakfast, prepared by mom. That doesn’t often happen, so when she decides to make some, we were the happiest 🙂 I usually don’t eat bread, but it was delicious: toasted breadslices, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, cheese and oxtail! YUM!

After breakfast, we went to the malls and wondered around.

February 9

I can’t miss-out on my Starbucks moments.

February 10

Maracas beach!
Bake & Shark!
Late birthday (Charline’s) dinner with the girls.

February 11

On the last day of our trip, we had a simple meal, alfredo pasta and a wonderful salad.

February 12

Home sweet home and back in the office. Lunch was yet another feast. My dude keeps telling me how much he likes to cook so I can eat well. For me, it doesn’t matter how simple the meal is, if it’s delicious and made with love, I am the happiest kid in town.
At night, I snacked on some Wasabi nuts I brought with me from the trip.

February 14

While some do not celebrate Valentine, and I’ve never really had a one either… I got the surprise of my life on this particular day. First he’d been telling me that he doesn’t do Valentine, and that it is one of the most commercial events on the planet and then he just surprised me by sending me a box with lots of goodies, champagne, a little ‘i love u’ teddy, a red rose and cute balloons. I was really really shocked and couldn’t even focus on work for the day. Shocked, speechless and in tears. I love this dude of mine.

Later in the evening we went out to KokoBana and had us a lovely dinner. Pictures are below.

February 15

Cinnabon – I only bought one this time and ate it a few day later lol. Still delicious, and still good and sweet.

February 16

Save Thalia! Thalia is the last standing Theater in our country. The roof of the building needs to be fixed as soon as possible and there are some electrical problems too. Because of the cost of repairs, management set out some events to collect and get some money in. They need at least SRD 800.000 (that’s about USD 100.000). 6 of us bought a VIP table and enjoyed the evening, while supporting the theater Thalia. (one lady is missing in the picture below).

February 17

Grilled Corn – On my stove!!!

February 18

I was so hungry that I attacked my plate before taking a picture. This one still looks reasonable, I think.

Bon Appetite all !!!
I will continue to enjoy! 🍴🤤

February 19

🤤🍴 white beans

February 20

My lunch today! Another homemade meal. My dude is awesome, don’t you think?

Moksi Alesie made by my cousin “Bob”. This was the evening meal… which I only tasted, because I wasn’t fast enough hahaha

February 22

Hungry lioness 🍴

A piece of my Valentine’s Day cake! Yummy

February 24

Split peas soup with pig feet! I never thought it could be this delicious. I’m loving the cooking skills.

February 26

Mine is better than yours! 🤪🤪🤪 ~ I do not share! 🤦‍♀️
Feeling Thankful

February 27

Lunch time 🍴♥️

February 28

Brown Beans! You know… this month’s journey had more home made meal than I imagined. LOL

Again I’m asking you to like, share, comment on my foodie journey. I’ve learned to love doing this, sharing my journeys with you, as long as you like it too. So… Leave a short message. Tell me what you think. 

You can also send me suggestions on where to go or what to eat. I’d love to do so… what is your favorite and why? Would I like it too?

Well, that’s it for JJ’s Foodie Journey – February 2019! I do hope you liked it again. Till next months (March) foodie journey.

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