Vegan Curaçao – Organizes 7 April Vegfest 2019 at Kura Di Arte

Willemstad – Sunday 7 April 2019 the 11th event of Vegan Curaçao takes place. This time it will take place for the first time in Kura Di Arte. There are several large and small entrepreneurs present who will delight your taste buds with cruelty-free meals! In addition, there are also entrepreneurs who give interactive free workshops or sell organic products.

At this event, we welcome 4 new participants. Every event of Vegan Curaçao will surprise you with new inspiration and activities.

Vegfest has a versatile Food Court with participants such as Esperamos Supermarket, Dushivegan, a cozy coffee corner of Kaffee 5999, Zeven Oven and Cups with artisan bread and Pure Water Curacao that provides guests with free mineral-rich alkaline water.

The keynote speaker of this day will be Meredith Marin. She is the Food Consultant & founder of Vegan Aruba. She will give the workshop “Mindful food” that will teach you to have a positive relationship with your food and how this affects a healthy lifestyle.

Nathalie Bhojwani Bakhuis will also give a lecture about Ayurveda. This is a medical system with historical roots from the Indian subcontinent. As a bonus Angelica Galarza a plant-based chef and travel vlogger from New York will share about how to travel as a vegan.

Surprise yourself not only with delicious food and interactive workshops, but also with natural organic and home-made products from, among others, Raw Beauty Caribbean and Catctus Bloom Luxury Soaps & Scrubs.

Kim Emnes of Kids In Motion will be ready to entertain the children with various fun games. In addition, we also have Wigos, a pencil sketch artist. All young participants of Vegfest receive an aloe plant from Aloe Vera “The Plant In A Bottle”

Walk around, try new vegan meals and enjoy the Vegfest inspiration around you.

This cozy family event starts at 16:00 and lasts until 21:00. Entrance is ten guilders, five guilders for children under twelve.

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