The new edition of Victuals is now in stores in Suriname. The plan was to issue this edition in 2013, but due to promoting of the Suriname Culinary Team, it was decided to present the magazine in 2014.

Victuals first came out in February 2012. That year they had three editions, but from now on they will issue two editions a year.

Although there is less and less printed in the world, we still strive to bring information about the culinary world of Suriname through this medium to the outside world. Looking through a magazine is still more pleasant than the swipe on a tablet. Important for the team of Victuals is the contribution to the development of the culinary world in Suriname. That’s not going as fast as we want, but we are on the right track. Now there are more culinary activities for example the Extravaganzadinner of Hotel Krasnapolsky. There is more knowledge sharing among chefs. There will be more experimenting in the kitchen. And we are pleased to lend them a hand.

“Victuals” is more than just a culinary magazine. The word says it all. Victuals are anything that can be used as food. Even that plate of mystery meat that the lunch lady just gave you could be considered victuals. Whether the ingredients to cook, but also the way you should eat or what you should drink with it and how you should be drinking it.

Victuals’ goal is simply to highlight the Culinary world of Suriname. In this technological age, it is not difficult to pick a recipe from the Internet and publish it. We are looking for “the” stories behind the various “traditional” and “new” dishes and highlight the “chefs” who prepare these dishes. They also try to encourage the readers the various dishes to prepare them with a “twist”. That’s why you’ll also find famous dishes that are prepared a different way and this way they give them a particular dish that is also delicious with another ingredient or preparation.

Our target is basically every foodie, but they are also trying to reach the lovers of fine dining and tourist. Culinary is not just food, it is also an experience.

Victuals is therefore a platform for the exchange of culinary knowledge. Our magazine and blog are currently the first two resources, how we share information. We’re working on developing several other resources to share this information.

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