Gourmetten” (Gourmette) is a phenomenon that is likely to come over from Asia. It is an activity in which a group of people sitting at table cook their own dish in small pans, using different ingredients that are on the table and they can cook something new. It is similar to stone grill and raclette, but raclette is done with cheese and it is typical Swiss; while gourmetting uses meats, fish and/or vegetable. An additional possibility is baking small omelettes or pancakes. The complete package is often decorated with various sauces and bread.

One mostly does it inside, and with more people, usually four to six. An electric gourmet set usually consists of six or more pans and a grill plate (metal or stone). There are also simpler models with small spirit burners under the pans. Some people do not like to gourmet because it takes a long time, it’s hard to get your ingredients to their full value. Others find it just a nice way of eating, in which the host or hostess does not have to leave the table. Gourmetting has long been a Christmas tradition in the Netherlands. 

“De Vliegende Hollander”, a Surinamese restaurant that opens only during the weekend, now offers this tradition to their clients, only on Saturdays. We’ve been invited to test their product and give our honest criticism about this evening of the culinary exploring foodgasm. 🙂

As soon as you arrive you are welcomed by the host of the evening. He or she will ask you if you made any reservations and after they will show you to your table.  Everyone loves service, and when it comes with a smile, it is absolutely more pleasant. 

We made our reservations for 5 people. Two of us would enjoy the Gourmetting experience and the others would enjoy something else on the menu, as this was their first time at the restaurant.

As we were guided to our table, we encountered the gourmet set for two, with 4 small pans. After taking our seats, we were asked immediately what we would like to drink. Of course we order accordingly.

Gourmetting is not known to all Surinamese. Only the once who visited their families in the Netherlands during Christmas time. So we asked for an explanation of how it all works. Our hostess explained that everyone will receive the same amount of ingredients and sauces, plus we would receive 2 tongs, a rubber brush and liquid butter.

In the ingredients you will find: 3 different proteins: Shrimp, Chicken and Fish; Mixed Vegetables: Broccoli, Carrots and cauliflower and corn; chopped onions and bell peppers.

Further more on the table are 4 different sauces (seasoned mayo, ketchup, piccalilli and a ketchup and mayo mix), dried flakes of chilli peppers and potato chunks. As a tip to the restaurant owner, it would be wise to increase the choices in vegetables and meat.

They offer three different Gourmet Menus: 
* Fish & Chicken Gourmet Menu 
* Standard Gourmet Menu with: chicken, fish, steak 
* Deluxe Gourmet Menu with: chicken, fish, shrimp 

They also take into account that not everyone eats pork, and therefore the most common items are selected to be on the Gourmet Menu.

As said Gourmetting is fairly new in Suriname. It’s definitely an addition to current culinary choices. It would be better if there were more publicity is given to this new addition.

De Vliegende Hollander’s menu offers more than just Gourmetting. As we said above, our friends ordered something else. Below you can see what they had for dinner.

Stuffed Eggplant

“De Vliegende Hollander” has more to offer… Actually we think that you can find almost everyone’s preferences at this little restaurant.

GO and explore with your taste buds!

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