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Goût de/Good France 2020: 6th edition of the global event

On the initiative of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Alain Ducasse

Goût de/Good France, a huge celebration of French gastronomy in France and worldwide, is back for its sixth edition! Over the years, Goût de/Good France has become an essential gastronomic event, and 2020 is no exception, as it promotes France around the world by combining tourist attractiveness, international promotion of products and emblems of French culinary heritage.

© Stéphanie Biteau

This unique global event will take place on Thursday 16 April 2020. Once again this year a dinner à la française will be held in the embassies and consulates of more than 150 countries and in several thousand restaurants throughout the world. In order to establish its commitment to global environmental action (in 2019, a white paper on sustainable gastronomy was released worldwide), Goût de/Good France 2020 will once again place sustainable gastronomy at the centre of this new edition.

6th Edition: Spotlight on Centre-Val de Loire

© J. Damase

After Nouvelle Aquitaine and Provence, Goût de/Good France will feature Centre-Val de Loire in a series of events in France and abroad. In many ways, the gastronomy of Centre-Val de Loire epitomizes the art of living à la française. It was in that region, in Tours, that ten years ago the European Institute for the History and Cultures of Food initiated and promoted the inscription of the Gastronomic Meal of the French on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

In partnership with the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council and Regional Tourism Committee, the region will make gastronomy the focus of its 2020 “Nouvelles Renaissances” Cultural and Tourism Season. The region would like to present to the entire world this special relationship with regional products and gastronomy intrinsic to the landscapes in the heart of France and the Loire Valley in Goût de/Good France events.

Suriname as a participant

Suriname has participated since 2016. Here are some highlights of the 4 years from different restaurants in Suriname.





About Goût de/Good France

Launched by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and chef Alan Ducasse in 2015, Goût de/Good France celebrates the gastronomic meal of the French in 156 countries across five continents by organizing in a single evening thousands of dinners in restaurants around the world and in French Embassies abroad. In five years, Goût de/Good France has become one of the world’s foremost gastronomic events, and its success is growing each year.

April 16th we’ll see which restaurants will participate this year! Hopefully, we’ll get to share their menu’s for you.

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