Avila Beach Hotel view from the sea

Avila Beach Hotel has new and improved post-COVID-19 menus & enlarges its beach area.

Avila Beach Hotel's Schooner lunch - salads

It’s Schooner Bar & Terrace has a new and improved menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner starting at $ 15 per person. Schooner Bar & terrace also has a new logo and website

Avila Beach Hotel's Schooner Bar & Terrace logo

They have also enlarged its beach area to one extra-large beach. At the main beach area, there are more palm trees providing shade. The Blues Beach area & Queens beach area are now connected to increase beach pleasure. Take a twice as long romantic stroll on the beach from now on at the Avila Beach Hotel!


The History: This Hotel is the oldest operational hotels in Curacao. On February 1, 1949, it opened its doors. Before it was a hotel it was a governor’s home, boys boarding school, and private clinic. Back then, Doctor Gungu Maal founded the Avila Beach Hotel counting 20 hotel rooms in total. Nowadays, the hotel has almost 150 rooms divided over 3 completely different hotel wings.

Your picture-perfect wedding on Curacao

Imagine your perfect Curacao wedding on the beach. Get married in a tropical garden or experience the ultimate in elegant settings, by selecting the beautiful and historic Octagon Museum. Regardless of your choice, the Avila Beach Hotel would be thrilled to host your big day and make it an unforgettable one.

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