This past month the restrictions have been lifted in some countries somewhat and our lives are slowly picking up again and creating what will be our new norm and way of living. All around me, people in The Netherlands, are embracing their new freedom. I think that best part, besides seeing familiar faces again, is having it being accompanied with flavorful food and drinks!

It is nice to see that lots of restaurants have also used quarantine time wisely, into the reinvention of dishes or the creation of new dishes: you know what this means, lots for my taste buds to taste and discover.

My first restaurant stop straight out of quarantine was Sagardi, a newly located Basque cuisine restaurant situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s Spuistraat. Originally home based in Spain, they wanted locals to enjoy their cuisine, without having to take the plane. They had set to open the day of the lockdown and luckily they survived to open another day.

What is a Basque kitchen? Had to clarify that for myself as well, it refers to food/dishes from the northern part of Spain. Consisting of wild fish and red meat grilled over hot coals. Different vegetables and tapas.

After making reservations and communicating Covid-19 free, the evening started out with a glass of Prosecco as an appetizer. I must say a great accompany while looking over the menu, and from good referral of our waiter, the evenings’ menu consisted of:

Grilled artichokes, fresh handpicked “piquillo” peppers, flame-grilled

Together with “Anglerfish”, I have to be honest not the cutest looking fish yet his taste that of a very firm white-fleshed fish. All served with a side dish of roasted potatoes and salad.

Having never has angler fish before. I was surprised at its firm texture. I would most definitely recommence my fellow fish lovers to taste it when given the chance.

The artichokes were soft, buttery, and savory. I am usually not a fan of the big ones as you have to eat leaf by leaf, but these were a winner for sure.

Dessert wasn’t an option this time for me, the Anglerfish made sure of it. The waiter also had some meat to sample. My dinner date (the meat-eater) enjoyed it so much, he revisited them a month later to enjoy some more.

Thank you for sharing my culinary journey again.

Stay safe during these unprecedented times and keep eating, balanced of course!

One love,


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