michael hermelijn nicole tong sangOur two well-known chefs, Michael Hermelijn and Nicole Tong Sang, decided to put their heads together and join hands in starting their own little restaurant… Finally is the only word we can say to welcome them into the “owning-your-own” business world. It has been long waiting, and yes finally it is their time.

Soft opening

Sunday, December 10, was the soft opening of their little restaurant, Patio 83.Ā  My first question to the chefs was… why the name Patio 83? An answer so simple we actually could have guessed it ourselves. šŸ™ˆ The number 83 comes from the building number (Keizerstraat Nr. 83), and patio… because it is a patio, but it is inside.

The building

It is situated in the building better known as the architectural building by Brandflu. The building is “squeezed” in between Phoenecia Princess Casino and John Ziel paints. When walking inside, the corridor is not only the barĀ but also part of the kitchen. Meaning you are actually hit or invited with/by delicious flavors when walking in! Are you hungry yet? I know we were the moment we stepped in.


There are two options on where to be seated; on the patio itself and on the roof! The only problem with the roof is that the sun will “catch” you and you’ll be hotter then your meal if you’d go there for lunch after 13:00h. For dinner, it is an absolutely wonderful place to sit and enjoy theĀ atmosphere.


Our first table was number 2, but we asked to switch tables and went to table 6 that was across from our original spot. This was only possible because of late cancellations.

The menu

Each course was served hot. Something Chef Michael is very persistent about.

The appetizer: Creamy pumpkin soup šŸ„£Ā with garlic croutons!

The pumpkin soup was delicious.Ā  One of my favorite dishes in theĀ world. And if a restaurant has it, I’ll have a taste. šŸ™‚ I must say that I would have loved to have little pepper to spice it up. I am so used to adding pepper, I can barely eat without it. But this does not take away that the soup with the garlic croutons are a perfect match made with theĀ Magic Hands of Chef Michael and his students.


The main course:

  • Grilled mustard chicken
  • Quiche – broccoliĀ & cheese
  • Focaccia – hummus, tapenade & shrimp ragout
  • Onion rings in Parbo Beer batter, with remoulade sauce
  • MediterranianĀ salad: Turkish cheese, grilled aubergine, tomatoes and marinated olives.
  • Pasta Bolognese

Each item on this plate is very tasteful, but for me, the one that stood out the most was the focaccia with the tapenade! The night before Patio 83 posted a picture of the focaccia on their page and it looked super delicious. I also don’t eat onion rings so that was a plus for my partner in crime. She was able to eat 4! lol

Dessert: Oubliebakje with strawberry ice cream & fruit coulis.

We shared this dish. After all that was served in the first and second course, there wasn’t much space for the dessert. We even had to ask to take our pasta bolognese with us. This is usually not allowed, but as it was their soft opening they said OK for today. šŸ™‚ The dessert was good. We both would have loved the Oubliebakje to be a bit more crunchy.


When Michael passed our table to check on how everything was, his statement said it all: “Oh, I see empty plates! I don’t even have to ask anymore.” He was pleased with the fact that we loved the meal enough to clean the plates.

Team Patio, it was a success!!! Proficiat.

The staff was absolutely friendly! They did a great job and I went home stuffed and happy.


Will you be their next guest?

Patio 83 is only open on Sundays for lunch. Follow them on facebook to stay up to date. Reservations are made by calling only.

2 thoughts on “Patio 83 – Soft Opening

  1. Thank you Jill Joy for this gracious review. Michael and I would enjoy having you and your ‘partner in crime’ again very soon at Patio83

  2. Wow!!! I’m impressed and inspired at the same time. Noting is impossible with God indeed. Thank you for sharing the success in a style full way Jill-Joy. Ik heb meteen het telefoonnr genoteerd :).

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