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Another Gold medal for Surinamese Rum! This proves that our own Borgoe rum is counted as one of the best aged rums in the world – says the SAB.

Borgoe 8 Year Old is the first and the only Surinamese rum, that can exclusively propagate with Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque (ACR). The emblem that stands for authentic Caribbean craftsmanship. It is only granted to a very select group of Caribbean rums, is on the back label of our rum.

In Europe, the different Borgoe rum variants are becoming increasingly popular. This is evidenced by the rising sales figures, says the SAB. The growing awareness of Borgoe rum is, due to the different medals that Borgoe 15 Year Old rum has received. These were in European and Caribbean spirit competitions.

The gold medal for Borgoe 8 Year Old is just received, before the current bottle and packaging will make way for a new presentation. There will also be a new Borgoe Aged Rum introduced around the 50th anniversary of the SAB on 17 November. Then the new Borgoe Gold and Premium variants will be presented to the Surinamese public.

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