After having heard of some of our own in the culinary field, we are going abroad to interview some of our friends!
We will start with Caribbean’s Bartender/Mixologist of the Year 2015!

He won Taste of the Caribbean 2015: Bartender of the Year and is now going Global!
Marvelous “Marv” Cunningham a.k.a. Mr. Mix Bahamas, a.k.a. The Bishop!

Please tell us who  is Mr. Mix Bahamas?

Mr.Mix Bahamas is an Island boy with a sweet tooth, that grew up into a man who set out to create many memorable cocktail experiences for his customers with his modern and savory take on cocktails.
He first learned how to make cocktails working under veteran bartenders at Club 601 in The Bahamas, in 1998. Especially Trevor “Gubba” Major and Glenroy Rolle who both took him under their wings and showed him the ins and outs of the industry. He’s been making cocktails for 18 years now!

He loves to work with all ingredient, especially Caribbean ingredients like coconut, mango, Seagrapes and Bush teas. “My favorite spirit to work with is Vodka,” Marv says. “My favorite cocktail to prepare is the Manhattan. I love preparing it, because it’s a classic cocktail with a lot of rich history. It’s a blueprint for how I create most of my cocktails.”

We asked him what his favorite cocktail is to drink and you wouldn’t believe his answer!!! [themify_quote]I don’t drink alcohol. I only taste alcohol for research and development. [/themify_quote] Could you believe that! Amazing to see how someone, who does not drink it, only tastes it, can make such an amazing mixes and become one of the persons who can inspire you to do what you want to do and he is one of our own, from the Caribbean!


Of course, we had to ask… Victuals is from Suriname, and we have met Marvelous in person.
So what do you think of our Surinamese cocktails? “The ones I’ve tried I liked, I’ve tasted cocktails prepared by the cocktail master David Duel (*Suriname Bartender of the Year 2014/2015).” According to Marv he had only 2 words to explain the cocktail he tasted at the Taste of the Caribbean 2015: STRONG and SPICY!!!

The Bahamas

We asked if he thought that there was a need for a bartender’s platform in The Bahamas… And he answered the following: “Most definitely there is a much needed platform needed in the country. For years we have had good bartenders, but not great bartenders. That’s why a platform is needed to encourage and create the next generation of great bartenders.” So guys… in The Bahamas… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Team up, form a Bartender’s Platform and unite your powers! Spirit powers… 😉


Marv thinks the bartending industry in the Bahamas is evolving slowly, but there is still a lot of work needed. The Beverage world is always evolving and in order to keep up with the rest of the world, programs and assistance from Global Spirit Brands and International Bartending Organizations is needed that would allow Bahamians to participate in trainings and global competitions.

If he was given the chance again, he would love to learn competition flair bartending. “I am skilled with working flair, but as soon as I hang up my gloves competing in the Mixology arena, I’ll probably pick that up.”


Lastly, we asked him what he would like to share with his fellow Bahamians and Caribbean people?
“I’d like to say that the entire Caribbean is filled with awesome and excellent bartenders and without a shadow of the doubt we can rub shoulders with the best in the world. If you’re an aspiring Mixologist, you have to trust your gut and instincts and give it your best shot and never be afraid to fail, pulling yourself up after a defeat shows true strength. Last but not least, I want to give thanks and praise to God who is my ultimate source of strength and the spark behind my creativity. It is because of him that I’ve come this far.”

Just like we said in the beginning; Marv thinks not only of the Bahamians, but also about the entire Caribbean and actually he thinks, and I guess he also knows, that everyone can go global. No matter where you come from, living on a small island in the Caribbean or not… You can do whatever you put your mind to!

Like The Bishop said: [themify_quote]praise to God who is the ultimate source of strength and the spark behind everyone’s creativity. It is because of him that we are able to come this far.[/themify_quote]

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