My first post on Goût de France was on March, 26, 2015. I was then invited, because I’m the editor-in-chief of Victuals magazine, the blogger of this page and of my position as the Secretary of the Suriname Chefs Association (SCA). His excellency, Mr. Michel Prom,  the French Ambassador,  informed the SCA in December 2015 of the possibilities which could lead to a wonderful co-op in participating in this Global event, Gout de France. Almost every nation that has either a French Embassy or a French Consulate, participates. This year, I only went as a food blogger. Of course it is always a pleasure to meet new people, while enjoying good food, bonne cuisine. And believe me, it never disappoints during these events. The French Embassy invited us to enjoy the food, but also to blog about it. The Gout de France was globally held on March, 21, 2016.

My love for French food has started when I was just a young girl. My mother always wanted me to try new things, different food, and the French cuisine was new to me. After having a wonderful vacation in Fouesnant and living in Brest for 6 months, the love became more intense. So when I get the opportunity to  enjoy the cuisine, I’d rather not decline.

French Gastronomy

Goût de France is, as I referred in an earlier blog post, a celebration of the French gastronomy.  There are many dishes that are considered part of French national cuisine today. A meal often consists of three courses, hors d’œuvre or entrée (introductory course, sometimes soup), plat principal (main course), fromage (cheese course) or dessert, sometimes with a salad offered before the cheese or dessert. French regional cuisine is characterized by its extreme diversity and style. Traditionally, each region of France has its own distinctive cuisine.

Did you know that Paris alone has over 5000 restaurants? And they vary with levels of prices and menus. Open at certain times of the day, and normally closed one day of the week. Visitors select items from a printed menu. Some offer regional menus, while others offer a modern styled. Waiters and waitresses are trained and knowledgeable professionals. By law, a prix-fixe menu must be offered, although high-class restaurants may try to conceal the fact. Few French restaurants cater to vegetarians. The  Guide Michelin  rates many of the better restaurants in this category. (source)  


On this beautiful day, Suriname participated, with three (3) restaurants. These restaurant do not originally serve French food, but do on occasions. The participating restaurants were, Courtyard by Marriott (their menu’s vary), Spice Quest (Oriental Asian) and Torarica (International).

Together with a group of invitees from the Embassy, we gathered at Torarica to start celebrating the French Gastronomy. The menu looked absolutely delicious, just by reading it. That’s what French language does actually. It all sounds so much better in French 🙂

Amuse: Steak tartare

This is an absolute surprise. When you read tartare, you automatically think ” bloody and raw”. And most Surinamese will not eat it, especially when raw. The steak was well marinated, clean cut and smoothly prepared. It is raw meat, but not bloody at all. It was served with a quail egg on top. The yolk of the egg was still liquid, it was made to perfection.  Each item on this plate was carefully placed, well thought off.

Entree: Legume gastronomique

Assorted vegetables, prepared in different ways. Some you can not even recognize, because it has changed from what it normally looks like. The chefs plated tomatoes in jelly form, pureed pumpkin, butternut squash, wonderful vegetables. Each its own taste, varying from bitter to sweet, pickles to crumbles. Several techniques used in the kitchen, that’s for sure. The taste… delightful, if there was nothing else on the menu, I might have ordered another plate.

There was wine paired with some of the dishes. For the Entree this wine was paired: Villa Maria Riesling Dry Private Bin 2013.

Main course: Poisson almondine, Rouleaux of kandra filet- almond crust and a shrimp hollandaise

Every now and then fish is a must. I usually not not like to eat fish, mostly because I’ve eaten it a lot when i was younger. This dish was far from simple. The fish was rolled into a thin sliced zucchini. It was on top of a Chinese Tayer (napi) puree. Not too salty, not to sweet. Each item on this plate, compliments each other. This main course for me, was a bit too much. I thought the portion was too big, it was the first main course, meaning… I still had more to go. Even though I liked, I could not finish it. This dish was paired with: Domaine des Geneves Chables 2014

Le Trou Normande: Pomme Cythere & Mint

Now this I would have loved… If I was not allergic to half of it! This was such a surprise to me. I’ve actually learned that night, that I have to listen to what the chef says that is in his dish. The sorbet was made of Djamun and Pomme Cythere & Mint. I’m allergic to Djamun! Hence the reason why I cannot tell you a lot about it. I had a little bit before the chef explained, and felt a itchy on my tongue for almost the whole night. The wonderful staff from Torarica made sure that they gave me some milk to drink, it usually calms down the symptoms, and they searched for allergy medicine. My compliments to the staff for helping out and making sure their guest is taken care off.

Main Course: Veau Rossini (Tender Veal – duck liver- espresso aux jus – potato mousseline)

I must say that when this plate was placed in front of us, it didn’t look that yummy at all. The duck liver actually didn’t look that nice. But, I know duck liver and I know it is super delicious. For me it would not matter much what it looked like, if I know what it is and what it is prepared with, I would eat it. I’m easy… but still a bit picky in choosing what to eat. On this picture you do not see it correctly, but the duck liver is placed on top of the veal. The veal was well marinated.
Wine: Chateau Mirefleurs Bordeaux Superieur 2010

Assiette de fromage de saison

(Assorted cheeses served with sapodilla chutney and garnishes)
Wine: Vinhos do Porto Cabraco Tawny Porto

Petit Grand dessert: surprise

For me after such a big meal, I close off with a cup of coffee. Together with Truffes au Chocolat the dinner French style is completed.

Extra pictures from that day:

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Let’s see what next year brings… Gout de France/ Good France… Good Food! 2017 edition we are waiting for you!

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