The Asian kitchen has always been a weakness of mine, the different flavors and tastes just get me every time: from their fried rice, Chinese vegetable variations, dim sum, fish, oysters – I could go on and on. With that being said I have to share one of my favorite dishes with you, from Restaurant New King, hands down the best black bean eggplant and steamed fish I have ever tasted!  Both are cooked to perfection having a perfect balance. Served with jasmine rice, once it hits your tongue you savor the taste of moist fish and soft eggplant, combined with the flavors and tastes of garlic, spring onions, a hint of peppers and black bean sauce.

They have many other dishes that are delicious and definitely worth trying. One of my other favorites is their WanTan soup. Whenever my father comes to visit, it is our tradition to start his vacation off with this soup. They serve their WanTan with a well-cooked chicken broth, chopped green onions, ginger root, soy sauce and a touch of Chinese rice wine. WanTan is pork filled and they also serve Sui Kai WanTan, which are shrimp filled WanTan, shout out to my fellow vegetarians.

Restaurant New King is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Chinese district and one street away from the Red Light district. A short 10-minute walk from Central Station. A definite stop to add on your food journey if you find yourself in Amsterdam.

Foodie out X.
– Mau.

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