Love Your Body (LYB) – juices & smoothies gives you fresh fruit and green juices in Suriname! Their mission is to create a healthy new YOU!

The juices and smoothies are 100% raw and most of the time biological. It is the beginning of a new lifestyle with body cleansers, energized and muscle builders.

LYB inspires you to make juices and smoothies a part of your life. It will feed you energy that will come directly from nature, as it is nature’s fruit of course.

I was looking for a way to get healthier by changing my intake of fruits and veggies. My problem is that I actually would buy my fruits and veggies, but they will become spoiled as I usually do not make the time to transform them into a juice or just eat them fresh. Talking to a friend about my “problem”, she told me about LYB Juices & Smoothies and send me off to look for myself on FB. Of course I found them and started my journey on becoming more healthy than I already am.

I called them almost immediately and got connected with Nur Sarban, the owner. We spoke at least 30 minutes! A fun conversation, as specially when I realized I have so many things I do not eat or never tried, or even never heard off! It was a challenge for me to get the idea in my head that I would try something I usually do not favor.

The pure basic ingredients of a juice or smoothies are Aloe Vera gel, ginger root, moringa and coconut water. I do not like aloe vera nor do I like ginger root and I never heard of moringa. So the challenge was on! Also there are no sugars, artificial flavors, conservatives or GMO added at all! So that’s a good step to becoming healthier!

After a few weeks of ordering from LYB, I got interested in knowing what the reason was for Nur to start her company and how it is going since she started. So I send her some questions to answer. It wasn’t the fastest way… she was super busy, as lots of people order these delicious juices.

After “harassing” her for a bit, she was able to send me the answers. 🙂

Nur started LYB in september 2015 and she does not believe in age and she doesn’t like to be defined by it. She loves nature and everything about it. The thing she loves the most are fruits and its energy! “I love to inspire people, to love and respect their temples. New things, refreshing things and change for the better is what excites me the most.”

Why she started the business… “About 4 years ago I encountered articles on facebook regarding raw foods and smoothies. I then realized that I wasn’t feeding my body the right food. The food I ate drained all of my energy! I didn’t have the urge to move actively and I had the flu almost every 2 weeks. I knew then, that I needed to change my eating lifestyle.”

Accepting raw food as a daily meal was exciting for her. So out of curiosity she starting reading books, articles and watched videos from vegan experts on raw meals, especially smoothies.

Nur makes smoothies for a living. Meaning, while paying the bills with this business, it is also one of her life’s purposes to bring awareness to people and their eating lifestyle. “More love & respect for our bodies.” she says.


Changing her lifestyle, changed her life! Apart from her mission to bring awareness to people, their eating habits and what they think is healthy, a new world also opened up for her.

“I believe pure natural food brings you closer to your purpose, because you are also a part of nature. And processed food just don’t belong in this cycle.”

I must say, that I haven’t had the juices for awhile now. I’ve been traveling for a bit, on and off, and Nur says: “If you are away for a longer period of time, please let me pick up your bottle, so I can help another client who’s interested in ordering.” She’s a real business woman, but also a good person, as she is making sure that her clients can get what and when they ask for/order it.

I’m glad I listen to my friend, and I hope to order and enJoy these delicious juices and smoothies soon!

Do you want to get healthier? Start by ordering your own juices or smoothies at LYB. Nur will check with you what ingredients you like and she’ll mix up and amazing one especially for you!

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