On March 12th and 13th, Hotel Krasnapolsky will have the Extravaganza Star Dinner. It introduces chef Ramon Beuk and SVH Master Chef Edwin Vinke from the restaurant Kromme Watergang in Hoofdplaat, the Netherlands, with its two Michelin stars for the best restaurants in the Netherlands. Besides the Krasnapolsky team, the Suriname Culinary Team, members of the Suriname Chefs Association and students of the SHTTC and Leuden Institute also participate in this unique topdiner. This dinner contributes to exchange of culinary knowledge between Suriname and the Netherlands. 

Suriname Culinary Team 2013/2014

Beuk introduces Masterchef Vinke to Suriname. He will share his knowledge and expertise with the participants at the dinner and he will also give a workshop for professionals to bridge the gap between the Dutch and Suriname cuisine. 

Vinke is delegated on behalf of the Dutch Guild of Master Chefs, which supports the objective with respect to the exchange of knowledge and raising the culinary level in Suriname wholeheartedly. Hotel Krasnapolsky, the Guild and the two top chefs join forces to achieve this goal.
Chef Ramon Beuk (l) & SVH Master Chef Edwin Vinke (r)
In 2013, the Extravaganza Star Dinner was the opening dinner of international culinary event Bergendal Amazon Flavors. “It was a great success that ended with a standing ovation,” Hans Huiskes says, director Kersten Hospitality. 

Due to the resounding success Hotel Krasnapolsky will again provide such a dinner in 2014, with the culinary forces this time bundled with chef Ramon Beuk, chef Jehtro Wirht from Rumors Lounge Cafe, Surinamese Chefs Association & the Surinamese Culinary Team 2013/14 and SVH Master Chef Edwin Vinke especially from Netherlands. This with the aim to contribute to raising the culinary level in Suriname. 

Chef Jethro Wirht


– SHTTC: Suriname The Foundation Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre
– SVH: Digital knowledge base for the hospitality industry
– Guild Dutch Master Chefs: A brotherhood of SVH Master Chefs who are successful by
completion of the Master Project , the highest degree of professional competence within their craft have achieved.

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