Yes! Dinner at ACOYA Curaçao!!!

This day couldn’t get any better… After lunch we all had a little nap. 

Every meal starts with a drink! I ordered a Mojito! During the Curaçao North Sea Jazz period it is time for mojito’s. Hence the reason I started with one early that evening.

Mojito! Can’t miss this during Curacao North Sea Jazz time

After such a lovely start of the evening the dishes started rolling out… I choose the Ravioli! 

A simple but beautifully plate dish, only 2 pieces of Ravioli. The appetizers looked small, BUT… it was not!
The creamy mushroom, which it was stuffed with, made the dish a little heavy. If they would have plated more than 2 pieces, this dish would certainly be counted as a main course.
Certainly a delicious dish to start with. 
Mushroom stuffed Ravioli

The next dish was as welcome as the ravioli. You could taste the different spices, they went well together. I must say that one spice was a bit overwhelming, but it did not take away the deliciousness of the dish itself.
Beef Stew

I am very happy to let you know that I loved the meal that Acoya provided that evening and would recommend you grabbing lunch or dinner if you have the chance to do so.

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