Every once in awhile I think of how I became a blogger… At first I didn’t even know how to start blogging. I just wanted to write my stories and share my pictures. I started taking pictures and sharing them on my Facebook wall, always adding a short sentence or story […]

Restaurant Week all over the Caribbean

In Suriname, we recently had our second restaurant week! Not long ago, we didn’t know much about this type of event. It was one certain person, who came from the island of Curaçao, had experienced it and wanted to organize it in our country… hence the reason why we’ve held […]

Me, myself and… Food?

As a young girl, I never really had problems with my weight. I was born weighing 2430 grams and I was at my chubbiest at age 2, weighing about 12 kg. From a very young age, I developed a love for food. My mother could not enjoy a meal, without me grabbing […]

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